Who is Imtiaz Shaikh of Pune

Who is Imtiaz Shaikh of Pune. A shocking incident has emerged, involving a 34-year-old woman who was allegedly raped at knifepoint in the presence of her husband. The distressing event came to public attention when it was revealed that the woman’s husband had defaulted on a small personal loan.

However, on Tuesday, the courageous victim found the strength to visit Hadapsar Police Station and officially report the crime, leading to the swift arrest of the perpetrator the very next day.

Unveiling the Identity of Imtiaz Shaikh: A Pune Moneylender Involved in Disturbing Social Media Incident

Unveiling the Identity of Imtiaz Shaikh: A Pune Moneylender Involved in Disturbing Social Media Incident
Unveiling the Identity of Imtiaz Shaikh: A Pune Moneylender Involved in Disturbing Social Media Incident

Moneylender Imtiaz Shaikh from Pune is under scrutiny after a distressing incident emerged on social media. The incident involved the rape of a 34-year-old woman while her husband helplessly watched, all due to an overdue loan of Rs. 40,000.

The accused, Imtiaz Shaikh, aged 47, had apparently provided an interest-free loan of 40,000 rupees to the victim’s husband in Hadapsar earlier that year. However, things took a dark turn when the couple struggled to repay the debt, leading Shaikh to subject them to mental abuse.

In February, Shaikh took the couple to a remote location within Hadapsar government colony and demanded the outstanding amount, which the couple was unable to pay. It was at this point that the horrifying incident unfolded. At knifepoint, the woman was sexually assaulted in front of her husband. To make matters worse, the accused captured this appalling act on his phone.

But the ordeal didn’t end there. Shaikh continued to exploit the woman, pressuring her for further sexual favors, even though she courageously refused. Shockingly, the perpetrator cold-heartedly shared the incriminating video on various social media platforms, causing it to go viral.

This reprehensible act has rightly brought attention to the case, and authorities are taking necessary action to bring justice to the victim and hold Imtiaz Shaikh accountable for his heinous actions.

The accused has been detained.

According to Police Inspector Ravindra Shelake, the victim finally gathered the courage on Tuesday to visit Hadapsar Police Station and lodge a formal report. Prompt action followed the complaint, leading to the accused’s arrest on Wednesday. He has been held in custody pending further investigations until Thursday.

The inspector also mentioned that they are looking into the accused’s criminal history to determine if he has committed any previous offenses. A complaint has been filed against him under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act, as reported by PTI.


The case of Imtiaz Shaikh from Pune, who allegedly committed the heinous act of raping a defaulter’s wife and subsequently sharing the video on social media, is a shocking and distressing incident that has deeply affected the community. Such despicable actions not only cause immense harm to the victims but also highlight the pressing need for stronger measures to prevent and address sexual violence.

It is essential for society to stand united against such abhorrent behavior, demanding justice for the victims and ensuring that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. This distressing incident should serve as a wake-up call for us to foster a culture of respect, empathy, and gender equality, where violence of any form is vehemently condemned.


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