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Who are Charlie Bushnell’s Parents?

So who are Charlie Bushnell’s Parents? According to our research, Charlie Bushnell’s Parents are Paul Bushnell and  Nicole Bushnell . Charlie Bushnell is an Actor, born on 16 June 2004.

Real Name

Charlie Bushnell

Date of birth

  16 June 2004 


19 years old


175 cm, 5 feet 9 inches


60 kg (132 lbs)

Birth Place

Los Angeles, California, United States








Paul Bushnell

 Nicole Bushnell



Who is Charlie Bushnell?

Charlie Bushnell, born on June 16, 2004, hails from Los Angeles, California, in the United States. At 19 years old, this aspiring actor.  Driven by a passion for acting, Charlie has embarked on a journey in the entertainment industry. While specifics about his career accomplishments or notable projects might not be widely available, his dedication to the craft underscores his commitment to the art of performance.

Born to parents Paul Bushnell and Nicole Bushnell, Charlie Bushnell represents the vibrant talent emerging from the entertainment hub of Los Angeles. Whether through screen performances or other artistic endeavours, his pursuit of a career in acting showcases an enthusiasm to contribute to the diverse landscape of the entertainment world.



Charlie Bushnell Age

As of now, Charlie Bushnell is 19 years old ( 16 June 2004)born in the Los Angeles, California, United States. Charlie Bushnell, age of 19, he stands at the threshold of adulthood, his birthdate marking his journey through his teenage years and into early adulthood. Growing up in the heart of the entertainment capital, Bushnell’s surroundings have likely played a significant role in shaping his aspirations and pursuits, especially within the realm of acting. 


Charlie Bushnell Nationality

Charlie Bushnell proudly holds American nationality. As a native of Los Angeles, California, his roots are deeply embedded in the diverse and culturally rich tapestry of the United States. This nationality not only shapes his legal identity but also connects him to the rich history and multifaceted heritage of the nation. Being American might serve as a cornerstone in his identity, influencing his experiences, opportunities, and potential pursuits, especially within the realm of entertainment. 

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Charlie Bushnell Parents – FAQ

1. Who are Charlie Bushnell’s Parents?

According to online sources, Charlie Bushnell’s Parents are Paul Bushnell and Nicole Bushnell.

2. Who is Charlie Bushnell?

Charlie Bushnell is an Actor.