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Where to watch the final episode of Survivor 45?

To watch the thrilling finale of Survivor 45, viewers have multiple options, catering to different streaming preferences and subscription plans:

  1. CBS: The network aired the three-hour-long finale on Wednesday, December 20, at 8 pm ET. This option is accessible to those with an active CBS cable connection.

  2. Ultimate+: This streaming platform provides access to Survivor 45 for its subscribers. There are two modes of streaming for the finale:

    • Paramount+ subscribers with a SHOWTIME account can watch the three-hour finale both live and on-demand.

    • Paramount+ Essential account holders can only watch the finale on-demand, one day after the finale is broadcast live.

  3. Platform without cable:

    • FuboTV: Viewers can watch Survivor 45, including the finale, through this streaming service.

    • DirecTV Streams: Another platform offering access to Survivor 45’s finale.

By using any of these platforms or services, fans of the show can watch the exciting and dramatic conclusion of Survivor 45, witnessing Dee Valladares’ victory and his journey to victory. taking her coveted title of sole survivor.

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Survivor Season 45 ending date

The final episode of Survivor season 45 is now streaming on CBS and Paramount+. It airs on Wednesday, December 20. Fans have the opportunity to watch the thrilling finale on CBS or stream it on Paramount+ to find out who is the ultimate survivor this season. It’s an exciting event that many people don’t want to miss!



Survivor is an American television show based on the global reality competition series, inspired by Sweden’s Expedition Robinson, that began in 1997. It debuted on May 31, 2000, on CBS, hosted by The show is hosted by Jeff Probst, who also helps produce the show along with Mark Burnett and its creator, Charlie Parsons.

The series takes strangers into a remote place where they must fend for themselves, find food, fire, and shelter. Contestants must face challenges—physical tasks such as running and solving puzzles—for rewards and safety from elimination. Participants are voted until one person remains, named the “Sole Survivor”, to win the grand prize of $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 in Winner’s War). ).

Survivor was successful. It was the highest-rated show from 2000–2006, was a pioneer in American reality television, and received critical acclaim. It received Emmy nominations and awards, including back-to-back wins for host Jeff Probst. Time magazine ranked it among the best TV shows and TV Guide ranked it 39th among the best movies ever.

In February 2023, Survivor was renewed for the 2023–24 television season. Season 45 premiered on September 27, 2023, while Season 46 is scheduled to premiere on February 28, 2024, with 90-minute episodes.

Rules of survival

The first US season of Survivor was similar to the Swedish series. The contestants are divided into groups called “tribes”, living in a remote location, relying on limited supplies for a certain number of days. The challenges test their physical and mental abilities for rewards or immunities, leading to elimination votes at Tribal Council.

When the game reaches its midpoint, both tribes merge into one and individuals compete for immunity. After the merge, the eliminated players will become the “jury”. As the game nears its end, a final Tribal Council is held, where the remaining players convince the judges to vote them in as “Sole Survivor” to win the $1 million prize.

The US version introduced twists like tribal switches, hidden immunity idols, and special powers, keeping the game dynamic and preventing predictable strategies. Twists also allow eliminated players a chance to return, enhancing the show’s unpredictability.

Survivor overview


Actual competition

Created by

Charlie Parsons

Presented by

Jeff Probst

Main actor

The contestant survived

Theme composer

Russ Landau


David Vanacore

Country of origin


Original language


Number of seasons




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Where to watch the finale of Survivor 45?-Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to watch the final episode of Survivor 45?

The Survivor 45 finale can be seen on CBS or streamed on Paramount+.

2. How to watch the final episode of Survivor 45?

You can watch the Survivor 45 finale on CBS by tuning in during its scheduled broadcast or streaming it on Paramount+.

3. Who survived at the end of season 45?

The Survivor Season 45 finale marks the final episode of the competitive reality TV show, where the final contestants compete for the title of winner.

4. End date of Survivor season 45?

The Survivor season 45 finale airs Wednesday, December 20.

5. Options for streaming the Survivor season 45 finale?

Viewers can watch the Survivor 45 finale on CBS via cable or stream it on Paramount+, for subscribers with on-demand or live streaming access based on their subscription plan.