What dishes must be on the table for Christmas?

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What dishes must be on the table for Christmas?

At Christmas, which in Ukraine in 2023 will be celebrated from December 24 to 25, the following dishes must be on the table:

  • Kutya is a traditional Lenten porridge made from boiled wheat, poppy seeds, honey, dried fruits and nuts. It symbolizes abundance and fertility.
  • Uzvar is a traditional Lenten drink made from dried fruits and berries. It symbolizes joy and renewal.
  • Vareniki are a traditional Ukrainian dish made from dough with various fillings. At Christmas, dumplings are usually prepared with cheese, potatoes or mushrooms.
  • The fish dish is a symbol of Christ, who is often compared to fish. For Christmas, baked fish, fish soup or jellied fish are usually prepared.

In addition to these obligatory dishes, the following dishes can also be served on the Christmas table:

  • First courses: borscht, mushroom soup, solyanka, rassolnik.
  • Main courses: cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, chops, casseroles.
  • Snacks: salads, sandwiches, cold cuts.
  • Desserts: fruit kutia, pies, cakes, sweets.

The specific menu for the Christmas table may vary depending on the region, family traditions and personal preferences. However, kutia, uzvar and dumplings are mandatory dishes for Christmas in all Ukrainian families.

Fish. Image by vargazs from Pixabay

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