Video of shooting during Chicago White Sox game goes viral as three women are injured in the stands

Video of shooting during Chicago White Sox game goes viral as three women are injured in the stands


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The Shocking Shooting Incident at a White Sox Baseball Game

In a horrifying turn of events, three women were shot at a White Sox baseball game in Chicago this past Friday. The incident has left fans and attendees in shock and has garnered widespread attention as the shooting video went viral. Not only did the incident cause distress among the crowd, but it also led to the abrupt cancellation of a ’90s-themed concert featuring Vanilla Ice, Rob Base, and Tone Loc.

Details of the Incident

According to a statement from the Chicago Police Department, two of the women are in fair condition. A 42-year-old woman sustained a gunshot wound to her leg and was immediately rushed to the University of Chicago Medical Center. Another woman, aged 26, suffered a graze wound to her abdomen but declined medical attention. The police have initiated a thorough investigation into the incident.

Officials remain unclear about whether the shots were fired from within the stadium or from the outside. No altercations were reported before the shooting, adding another layer of mystery to the grim event. Eyewitnesses described the panic and confusion that ensued after the shots were fired, recounting the immediate response of security personnel and attendees who rushed to assist the injured women.

The Aftermath and Fan Reactions

The unexpected turn of events led to the cancellation of the post-game concert, leaving fans disappointed and frustrated. Attendees at the game were informed through a message displayed on the stadium screens, citing “technical issues” as the reason for the cancellation. However, the lack of detailed information provided led to even more frustration among the crowd.

Rod Moyers, a game attendee, recounted the chaotic scene, stating that “everyone started booing, going crazy, and saying derogatory things.” Some fans expressed their discontent by refusing to leave the stadium, chanting “Sell the team!” This sentiment originally stemmed from Oakland Athletics fans due to rumors of the team’s potential move to Las Vegas and a disappointing season.

Moving Forward – Public Safety and Event Protocols

As the investigation continues, serious concerns about public safety at large-scale events are raised. This unsettling incident prompts discussions about security measures and public event protocols. Both the city and the nation will grapple with ways to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety and well-being of attendees.

While awaiting further updates on the investigation, it is crucial to keep the victims and everyone affected by this shocking incident in our thoughts. In times like these, it becomes evident that prioritizing public safety should be a collective effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What were the conditions of the injured women?

A: Two of the women are in fair condition. One woman sustained a gunshot wound to her leg, while the other suffered a graze wound to her abdomen.

Q: Was the shooting targeted or random?

A: The investigation is ongoing, and officials have not yet determined the motive behind the shooting or whether it was a targeted attack.

Q: Were there any altercations before the shooting?

A: No altercations were reported before the shooting. The event took attendees by surprise, adding to the mystery surrounding the incident.

Q: How did fans react to the cancellation of the concert?

A: Fans expressed their disappointment and frustration at the cancellation, with some even refusing to leave the stadium. Chants of “Sell the team!” were heard, reflecting a broader sentiment among attendees.

Q: What will be done to enhance public safety at future events?

A: The shocking incident has highlighted the need for stricter security measures and improved event protocols. Authorities are likely to reassess and implement necessary changes to ensure the safety of attendees at large-scale events.


The shooting incident at the White Sox baseball game in Chicago has left a lasting impact on fans and the community. As the investigation unfolds, it is essential to prioritize public safety and take necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Our thoughts remain with the victims and their loved ones as they recover from this traumatic event.

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