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Trayce Jackson Davis is of Caucasian descent. Ethnicity refers to the identification of a group based on perceived cultural differences.

Trayce Jackson Davis is a famous American basketball playerWho was born onFebruary 22, 2000.

According to Online Source, Trayce Jackson Davis is ofWhiteEthnicity born in Greenwood, Indiana, USA.

Real name

Trayce Jackson Davis


Jackson Davis

Date of birth

February 22, 2000

Year old

23 years old


6 feet 9 inch (206 cm)


111 kg(244 lb)

Place of birth

Greenwood, Indiana, USA




American basketball player









Trayce Jackson-Davis, born February 22, 2000, in Greenwood, Indiana, has emerged as a formidable 6’9″ (206 cm), 245 lb (111 kg) forward for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. journey took a dramatic turn during his college years, when he played for the Indiana Hoosiers, where he distinguished himself as a First Team All-American.

At the 2023 NBA Draft, Trayce Jackson-Davis was selected 57th overall by the Golden State Warriors, marking an important moment in his professional career. Known for his left-handed shooting, Jackson-Davis displayed impressive statistics during his senior year, averaging 17.9 points, 9.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game. His versatility is emphasized by his ability to play as both a striker and a centre-forward, making him a valuable asset on the pitch.

An athlete with outstanding physical attributes, Jackson-Davis possesses a 7’1″ wingspan, which further enhances his defensive abilities. As he began his NBA journey with the Golden State Warriors , Trayce Jackson-Davis brings a combination of skill, athleticism and versatility that promises an exciting contribution to the team and a bright future in professional basketball. college and his draft selection demonstrates his dedication and proficiency on the basketball court.


Trayce Jackson-Davis, the formidable power forward of the Golden State Warriors, boasts a massive physical appearance with a height of 6 feet 9 inches (206 cm) and a healthy weight of 111 kg (244 lbs). Standing at this towering height, Jackson-Davis commands attention on the basketball court, using his stature to dominate both ends of the floor.

His 6’9″ frame not only contributes to his defense, allowing him to make effective shots with a long reach, but also contributes to his offense, providing a significant presence in the paint. His height makes him one of the taller athletes in the NBA, allowing him to impact the game through rebounding, blocking, and scoring near the basket. Adding to his height, Jackson-Davis carries a weight of 111 kg, reflecting a combination of muscle and strength.

This mass equips him to navigate physical battles in position, hold his ground against opponents and contribute to the team’s overall physicality. In the world of professional basketball, where physical attributes matter, Trayce Jackson-Davis’s height and weight not only determine his playing style but also contribute to his effectiveness. him as a power forward, making him a formidable force on the court for the Golden State Warriors.

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Physical properties



6 feet 9 inch (206 cm)


111 kg(244 lb)

  • Introduce:

    • Trayce Jackson-Davis, forward of the Golden State Warriors.
  • 2023 NBA Draft:

    • The Washington Wizards traded the 57th overall pick to the Warriors in exchange for cash considerations.
  • Initial context:

    • A native of Greenwood, Indiana.
    • Studied at Center Grove High School
  • College career at Indiana University:

    • Become a McDonald’s American.
    • Achieved First Team All-American honors at Indiana University.
    • Finished his college career as the third highest scoring player in school history, accumulating 2,258 points.
    • Notable Contributions in Final Season:
      • Led the Hoosiers in scoring, showcasing his offensive ability.
      • Excellent in rebounding, emphasizing his versatility on the field.
      • Demonstrate your footballing ability by leading the way in assists.
      • Defensive impact with significant contribution in blocked shots.
  • Switch to NBA:

    • Drafted in 2023 by the Golden State Warriors after a trade with the Washington Wizards.
    • Embark on his professional career, bringing his stellar college performance and multi-faceted skills to the NBA stage.

Trayce Jackson-Davis’ journey from high school to Indiana University and now to the Golden State Warriors emphasizes his basketball prowess and versatile skill set, marking him as a promising talent at NBA.

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Trayce Jackson Davis Ethnicity – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Trayce Jackson Davis’s ethnicity?

Trayce Jackson Davis is of white ethnicity.

2. Trayce Jackson Davis day ai?

Trayce Jackson Davis is an American basketball player.

3. How old is Trayce Jackson Davis?

Trayce Jackson Davis is 23 years old this year.