This beautiful and unknown medieval Asturian town is already featured in National Geographic and we are not surprised at all

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More than a town, it is a village and despite the fact that it is a very small corner of Asturias, Banduso has won our hearts at a glance. It is also, according to the Asturias Tourism website, a place where, despite its proximity to one of the most popular eco-routes in Spain, the Senda del Oso, you just breathe quietness. Come with us to discover a little bit of what you want to be your next destination and where National Geographic Travel has already included in its list of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

National Geographic has declared this medieval town in Cantabria as one of the most beautiful in Spain

Origin of Banduso or Banduxu

If we look back, quite a bit, not just a chapter in the history book, we discover as they say on the tourism page of the Asturian community that although Bantuvo is a medieval village, its beginnings were forged Thank you Romans, since it ended up being established around one of the roads that formed the backbone of what is now Spain. Specifically, we are talking about the Camín Real de la Mesa.

This tiny town, whose 2021 census counted 39 inhabitants, is located at the top of a hill surrounded by mountains and lots of greenery. The difficult access that the village had until the last century is one of the reasons why it has been preserved for so long as it is today. In fact, on the institutional website it states that it did not have electricity or running water until 1980. The good thing? Well, what we were saying, it has maintained its authenticity and its architectural complex is practically intact. In fact, it was declared Property of cultural interest 2009.

Banduso from pe to pe

What do we mean by this? Well, obviously you have to go through it completely, since also due to its size it is something simple. Of course, his little problems are another story. In any case you have to know that if you go in You must leave your car at the entrance of the village, since the only vehicles that can circulate through it are those of the town’s residents.

  • The first stop on this route? St. Mary’s Church, a Romanesque temple from the 10th century that is the oldest in the council. And by the way, if you don’t know, this word is synonymous with municipality. In addition to the picturesque nature of the building, you will surely fall in love with the views that can be seen if you sit on one of the benches at its entrance: we are speechless!
  • And if you’re not squeamish, you can’t leave here without going through cemetery. Yes, we know that it sounds strange, but it is quite peculiar, since it does not have niches or properties, everything is communal, that is, when a person dies, they occupy the grave of the person who has been dead the longest.
  • Lastly, you can also visit the house known as Banduso or Tuñón Palace and Tower, which at the time was the town hall and the council jail. Today it is one of the best preserved defensive towers in the region.

An additional tip, if you go up the hill across from the parking area, the view you see will turn off and go. An unforgettable scene will take time to fade from your retina. Of course, we hope you don’t have a foggy or cloudy day!

Photo | Chus65 via Flickr (all rights reserved) and Yandrak for Wikipedia

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