These are Pandora’s best-selling charms, the jewel that obsesses millennials and generation Z

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The charms Pandora They have become one of the most iconic pieces of the brand and without a doubt the accessory that has revolutionized Generation Z. A perfect piece to renew a bracelet or a pendant and even earrings and thus give a fresh and new look to a piece of jewelry. .

These are the three Pandora bracelets that generation Z obsesses

The charms They obsess Generation Z and millennials, in fact it has become one of the most sought-after alternatives to traditional jewelry and they are perfect for reinventing an accessory and showing it off as if it were new.

At Pandora, every season they launch a wide variety of new designs: some trendy, others classic, and the always eye-catching ones with the different collaborations with Disney. A way to collect jewelry that also makes them the perfect gift (or self-gift) for any occasion.

Five-pointed silver star embellished with artificial crystals in two different shades of blue and each of them has been set in different star shapes. A classic and elegant piece. Its price is 49 euros.

one of the greats charms What has triumphed this Christmas is this heart-shaped pendant with a Christmas candy cane in red tones combined with silver. Its price is 49 euros.

Fun and youthful, this rose gold plate-shaped charm has caused a sensation. It is inspired by pop art and reflects its approach. Its price is 35 euros.

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