then the sweet dedication to the parents/ “Mom and dad I’m so happy”

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Eleonora Pedron and her psychology degree

Mother, former Miss Italy and just a few days ago with a degree in psychology achieved with great pride. Eleonora Pedron he concluded his studies by obtaining a degree in psychology and announcing the goal achieved with a photo and a sweet dedication on social media. Exactly as beautiful as when she triumphed at Miss Italy, taking home the crown of Italian beauty queen, Eleonora Pedron published a photo on her Instagram profile in which she shows off a wonderful smile while she shows her thesis in her hands and the crown sits on her head. laurel.

With her, on such an important day, were her partner Fabio Troiano with whom she has been a constant couple for some time. The photo is accompanied by a sweet dedication for the parents: “My parents are very happy.”

Eleonora Pedron and her dedication to her father

Obtaining a degree in psychology was not a coincidence Eleonora Pedron who chose to study psychology to help people experiencing difficult moments like those she faced when she was very young. She dedicates it to especially dad who touched all Pedro’s fans. Mr. Adriano, in fact, died in 2012 in a car accident, after accompanying her to an audition for Striscia la Notizia.

“There was a terrible accident. I saw my father kneeling with his face covered in blood. He went into a coma and never woke up.”Pedron said in an interview that, ten years before her father’s death, again due to a car accident, she had lost her sister Nives.