The Ukrainian film “20 days in Mariupol” made it to the two shortlists of the “Oscar” award

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The Ukrainian film “20 Days in Mariupol” by Mstislav Chernov was shortlisted for both nominations to which it was submitted.

This is stated in the message of the organizing committee of the “Oscar” award.

The film was shortlisted in the nominations: Best Documentary Feature Film and Best International Feature Film.

Together with Chernov, photographer Yevhen Maloletka and producer Vasylisa Stepanenko worked on the film.

The tape shows the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russia, the bombing of a maternity hospital and the rescue of the author of the tape and his colleagues from the Associated Press from a city surrounded by Russian troops.

In addition, Machek Hamela’s film In the Rearview, dedicated to Ukraine, made it to the shortlist in the best documentary feature film category.

The final nominees will be announced on January 23, 2024.

  • Five films participated in the national selection: “20 Days in Mariupol” by Mstislav Chernov, “Iron Butterflies” by Roman Lyuboy, “Pamfir” by Dmytro Suholytky-Sobchuk, “Terikony” by Taras Tomenko and “SHTTL” by Adrien Walter.