the tears of Princess Mary of Denmark as she left New Zealand with Frederick

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Night of peace and love is just what is not expected among the members of the Danish royal family. A month has passed since the images of Federico de Denmark and Genoveva Casanova burst into national headlines and those of the country that the protagonist of the story will inherit. Mary Donaldson Is it the third point of this love triangle? and, without a doubt, the one that is having the worst time. Among other things because he does not have the facility to disappear from the map, although he has tried in recent weeks.

This is how Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson met: in a party bar and thanks to King Philip

When ‘Casanovagate’ broke out, the princes of Denmark carried out institutional acts, yes, but they were just and necessary. Mary glimpsed an escape route on December 6 when she headed to her native country with her twins Vincent and Josephine, where she has remained for the last 15 days.

It was in the final stretch of the trip, in New Zealand, when the reunion between Donaldson and Federico. Queen Margaret’s son, along with Princess Isabella, joined his wife’s trip, perhaps in an attempt to silence the mouths that warned that she would never return.

But he’s already on his way, despite himself. And the ‘Daily Mail’ has shared several photographs of Donaldson visibly excited at Queenstown airport. To the royal Tears fall, either from saying goodbye to their loved ones or from returning to the hurricane of controversy. What is clear is that the entire family will meet with the monarch at Christmas, as confirmed by the princes. Get ready, because something is going to burn and it won’t be the turkey…

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