The Shocking Death of Tim Shelton: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Viral Video

“Unraveling the mystery surrounding Tim Shelton’s untimely demise. Delve into the shocking details of his death through the viral video that has captivated millions. Discover the truth behind this tragic event that has left many questioning what really happened to Tim Shelton.”

What is the viral video on Instagram about?

What is the viral video on Instagram about?
The viral video on Instagram is about the deaths of a father and son who were held in custody in Tamil Nadu, India. The video gained widespread attention as it exposed the alleged police brutality and torture that the two men endured during their time in custody.

Background information:

P Jeyaraj, 58 years old, and his son Benicks, 38 years old, were arrested and detained for allegedly keeping their stores open past permitted hours during the Covid-19 lockdown. They were taken to the Sathankulam police station in Tuticorin town. According to relatives of the victims, both men were subjected to brutal torture and even sexual abuse while in custody.

Who made the video and why did they take it down?

Who made the video and why did they take it down?
The video was made by Suchitra Ramadurai, a popular singer and radio jockey from Chennai (formerly Madras), Tamil Nadu’s capital city. She created the video to bring attention to the case and seek justice for P Jeyaraj and Benicks. However, she later took down the video on the advice of her lawyer.

Reason for taking down the video:

Ms Ramadurai stated that an officer from the state’s criminal investigation department asked her to delete the video because it contained details that contradicted what was mentioned in the official post-mortem report of the two men. Although Ms Ramadurai requested a copy of the post-mortem report for verification, she was denied access by the officer.

What were the details mentioned in the video about the deaths of P Jeyaraj and Benicks?

In her video, Suchitra Ramadurai provided detailed accounts of what happened to P Jeyaraj and Benicks after they were arrested and brought to Sathankulam police station. She claimed that the two men were subjected to brutal torture and sexual abuse during their custody, leading to their deaths a few hours apart.

Specific details mentioned:

– Allegations of torture and sexual abuse inflicted on P Jeyaraj and Benicks while in police custody.
– Inaccuracies in the post-mortem report as compared to the evidence provided by family members and witnesses.
– The video aimed to raise awareness about police brutality and seek justice for the victims.

How did the video gain widespread attention and what actions were taken as a result?

How did the video gain widespread attention and what actions were taken as a result?
After Suchitra Ramadurai uploaded her video on Instagram, it quickly gained millions of views in India and worldwide. Social media users shared the video, leading to a chain reaction across various platforms. Regional language posts about the case emerged, demanding justice for P Jeyaraj and Benicks.

The widespread attention resulted in national outrage over the incident, prompting the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), a federal investigation agency, to take over the case. As a consequence, five policemen were arrested and charged with murder in relation to the custodial deaths. Later on, five more police personnel, including a sub-inspector, were also arrested. The officers initially faced transfers but were later suspended due to mounting demands for stronger action.

Actions taken:

– Video posts detailing the case started appearing in regional languages on social media platforms.
– National news coverage brought further attention to the incident.
– Trends emerged on Twitter and Instagram as politicians, cricketers, business personalities, comedians, and Bollywood actors expressed their concerns about the case.
– The CBI took over the investigation from local police authorities.
– Arrests were made against implicated policemen.

Why did the Tamil Nadu police ask Suchitra Ramadurai to delete the video?

The Tamil Nadu police asked Suchitra Ramadurai to delete the video because they believed that it falsely exaggerated and sensationalized the chain of events surrounding the custodial deaths. The police accused Ms Ramadurai of promoting hatred against the police by sharing this video.

Reason for requesting removal:

According to the Tamil Nadu police, the details presented in the video were in contrast to what was mentioned in the official post-mortem report of P Jeyaraj and Benicks. They claimed that Ms Ramadurai’s video lacked proper evidence for its claims.

How did Ms Ramadurai respond to the request to delete the video and what was her reasoning?

When asked by an officer from the state’s criminal investigation department to delete the video, Suchitra Ramadurai requested a copy of the post-mortem report for verification. However, her request was denied, as she was told that it was a sealed document sent directly to the judge handling the case. As a result, Ms Ramadurai decided to take down the video based on advice from her lawyer.

Despite removing the video, Ms Ramadurai believes that its purpose has been served, asserting that people cannot be deceived by statements claiming it to be fake or intended for causing anarchy. She expressed confidence in younger generations’ ability to see through such attempts at manipulation.

What is the extent of police brutality in India, according to a report by NGOs?

According to a report released by a consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) focused on fighting against custodial torture, India witnessed 1,731 custodial deaths in 2019 alone. These figures imply an average of five custodial deaths per day throughout India.

The report sheds light on the serious problem of police brutality in India and emphasizes that policemen should adhere strictly to established rules and regulations while dealing with individuals in their custody. The former Inspector-General of Police for the state of Karnataka, Gopal Hosur, stressed the importance of gathering evidence using non-violent means, as individuals in police custody are completely helpless.

This report highlights the need for comprehensive reforms and stricter measures to address police brutality issues effectively in India.

In conclusion, the viral video claiming to reveal the cause of Tim Shelton’s death is misleading and lacks credibility. It is important not to jump to conclusions based on such content, as accurate information about his passing has not been disclosed. Let us respect Tim Shelton’s privacy and wait for official statements from reliable sources regarding the circumstances surrounding his death.

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