The most delicious Christmas cake recipe. How do you knead it correctly and what should you put in the composition so that it remains fluffy

The unmistakable aroma of freshly baked muffins brings nostalgia for the holidays and the joy of family reunions. Cozonac is indispensable on the festive table. However, the secret to having a perfect pie is not only softness but also delicious filling. They’ll give you their top tips for making the right scones, and we’ll reveal the perfect holiday recipe for cocoa, nut and poop scones.

Sweet bread.  Photo: Alina Mitran.

Sweet bread. Photo: Alina Mitran.


  1. Tricks for demented cupcakes
  2. Warm mixing bowl
  3. Use free-range eggs
  4. Heat milk for mayo
  5. What to add to egg whites?
  6. Fresh and quality ingredients
  7. Prepare the nuts
  8. Sieve flour
  9. Knead properly
  10. How to make the most delicious cake with cocoa, walnuts and shit
  11. How is it prepared?

Tricks for demented cupcakes

Warm mixing bowl

Before you start kneading the dough, rinse the bowl with hot water and wipe it thoroughly. A warm bowl will create ideal conditions for the dough to rise.

Use free-range eggs

Choose country eggs to ensure the fluffiness and yellow color of the dough. Additionally, add salt to the yolks, use corn-fed chicken eggs, or add saffron dissolved in milk to the dough to give it a vibrant yellow color.

Heat milk for mayo

Heat the milk for the sourdough a little but avoid heat to ensure proper fermentation.

What to add to egg whites?

Add a little lemon juice and salt to the egg whites for a faster and more effective meringue-like batter.

Fresh and quality ingredients

The quality of the ingredients is essential to get a perfect cozonac.

Prepare the nuts

To make the filling, add walnuts to boiling milk to remove the bitter taste.

Sieve flour

Sift flour before kneading to ensure uniformity and quality of the dough.

Knead properly

Don’t overdo the kneading time; On average, 20 minutes is enough. The dough should be elastic and come off easily in your hands.

How to make the most delicious cake with cocoa, walnuts and shit

Ingredients needed for this recipe:

1 kg of flour
500 ml of milk
4 eggs
250 grams of sugar
50 gr of butter
50 ml of oil
50 gr fresh yeast
Lemon peel
A pinch of salt

Pour until it’s full:

3 spoons of cocoa
1 vial of rum essence
250 gr diced shit
250 gr ground walnut
100 g raisins
150 grams of sugar
4 egg whites

How is it prepared?

Yeast: You make a mayo from yeast, a spoonful of flour and 100 ml of warm milk, leaving it to rise in a warm place.

Prepare dough: Separate the whites from the yolks, rub the yolks with sugar and a pinch of salt. Add the heated milk, rum essence and lemon peel.

Dough: Gradually add the flour to the mixture, alternating with the mayo and milk. Add the heated butter and oil. Cover the dough and let it rise for about 45 minutes.

Pour until it’s full:Mix the egg whites with the sugar, add cocoa, ground walnuts, shit and raisins.

Assemble and bake:Divide the dough in two, add the filling to each piece, roll and braid. Let it rise in the trays, brush with beaten egg and put in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Complete: After browning on top, you can cover with a baking sheet to avoid burning and ensure even baking inside.

With these tips and a step-by-step recipe, you’ll be ready to create a delicious, tender, and flavorful holiday pie. Enjoy the moment of preparation with your loved ones and enjoy the unmistakable aroma of a freshly baked cake. Merry and delicious Christmas!