The Bachelors 2023 Which Couples Are Still Together? Know Here!


  1. The Bachelors 2023 Which couples are still together?
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The Bachelors 2023 Which couples are still together?

On December 20, the Bachelors 2023 finale airs on free television. Ben Wadell chose Mckenna and Luke Bateman chose Ellie. During the final speech, Wes met with Brea, but he ultimately left the show without choosing anyone. This episode is available to stream on 10Play the day before it airs on TV.

Brea and Wes

Brea and Wes were exclusive until the final episode, but everything changed. Brea explains to Wes that they haven’t found a middle ground, leading to the end of their relationship.

After filming The Bachelors, Brea entered a new relationship. The 28-year-old shared with Refinery29 that she and her mystery man are exclusive and currently share a living space.

“I want to make sure I continue down that path,” she emphasized. I spoke my mind and set boundaries for myself, expressing what I wanted. And now, there’s a guy who wants to meet me halfway.”

Ben and McKenna

Ben and McKenna, who have recently appeared on TV, have announced their split. Ben shared on Instagram that their relationship didn’t work out as they expected. The challenge of being in different time zones due to overseas commitments makes distance difficult.

Even though they broke up, Ben still mentioned that he and McKenna are still “great friends.” He expressed excitement about her future and what it holds for her.

Luke and Ellie

Ellie and Luke are considered the only love story left from The Bachelors 2023. Ben, after the final episode aired, expressed his admiration for Ellie on Instagram. “From the first moment I met Ellie, her presence changed something in me,” he shares. I knew immediately that she was special and that my life would never be the same again.”

The love between them blossomed on the show and continued to grow, described by Ben as nothing short of magical and once in a lifetime. Ben’s feelings for Ellie were evident from the first episode, and in the final episode, he expressed his love for Ellie and received a similarly sincere response from her.

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Bachelor 2023

“The Bachelors 2023” is an American dating and relationship reality television series that began airing on ABC in 2002. It is part of the franchise “The Bachelor,” known for its spin-offs like “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The film faced criticism for its lack of diversity, leading to changes such as casting Matt James as the first black male lead. It has also dealt with controversies, such as the departure of longtime host Chris Harrison due to comments defending past racist behavior. Despite these problems, the series remained popular and ABC renewed it for a 28th season in May 2023.

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