Terni: the Rotary Award goes to Gian Maria Pastura

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Gian Maria Pastura, a graduate of the “Tacito” Classical High School, is the most brilliant student in the city of Terni: he was awarded the Rotary Terni Award.

Exemplary curriculum, which reaches the average of 10 in all years of the course, maximum evaluation in the state exam and many academic competitions, on all the mathematics olympics, the chemistry games, the logic competitions of Bocconi University, the Great Certamen Taciteum, which saw him as the winner.

He studied medicine at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Policlinico Gemelli in Rome. Deeply passionate about travel and reading (especially the Latin and Greek classics), he loves visiting museums and art galleries.

At the Liceo Classico he loved the subjects and the stimuli that this prestigious school was able to provide him; it is precisely here that he discovered passions and interests, also by visiting the departments of the hospital as part of the ministerial project “Biology with biomedical curvature”, which then influenced his university choice. In Rome he is looking for his future, among the desks of a university that he hopes will train him both academically and on a human level.

A serious and determined boy, Gian Maria had the honor of receiving the coveted Rotary Award from the president of the Rotary Club of Terni Francesco Montalbano Caracci, in the presence of the councilor for education and social services Viviana Altamura and the city’s school directors Terni, which declares him the best graduate for 2022-23 in the city of Terni, assigning him a scholarship of 2,000 euros which he will be free to use for the purpose of promoting his personal and professional aptitudes and skills, in line with his life plan .

The “Rotary Terni Award” is announced annually by the Rotary Club with the aim of encouraging merit and contributing to the promotion of youth leadership, with the involvement and collaboration of all the high schools in the city, which provide the name of the graduated with the best evaluation within their Institute.