Shaper’s Orbs in Path of Exile

Welcome to the world of Shaper’s Orbs in Path of Exile, where the mystical JShaper’s Orbs reign supreme. Within this fantastical realm, players embark on an epic journey filled with treacherous challenges and boundless possibilities. The enigmatic JShaper’s Orbs hold immense power, capable of reshaping reality itself. As you delve deeper into the game’s intricate mechanics, you’ll uncover the secrets behind these potent artifacts and discover the true extent of their influence.

Shaper’s Orbs in Path of Exile

Shaper's Orbs in Path of Exile
Shaper’s Orbs in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, players can obtain Shaper’s Orbs through a process involving Memory Fragments and Zana, the Master Cartographer. To acquire these orbs, players need to locate Memory Fragments by defeating the bosses in Elder-influenced maps marked with a purple circle on the Atlas.

To obtain the last five Memory Fragments, a more challenging task lies ahead. Players must first defeat the four Elder Guardians while the Elder is present in a red-tier map. Once the Guardians are vanquished, the final step is to confront and defeat the Elder itself.

This intricate process of obtaining Shaper’s Orbs adds depth and complexity to the gameplay, rewarding players for their perseverance and skill. As you venture through the Elder-influenced maps and engage in fierce battles, keep a vigilant eye on the purple-circled locations to uncover the elusive Memory Fragments and unlock the potent power of the Shaper’s Orbs. Best of luck in your quest!

Memory Found in Shaper’s Orb Notes
Fragment map tier
I (1) 6 Tier 1
II (2) 7 Tier 2
III (3) 8 Tier 3
IV (4) 9 Tier 4
V (5) 10 Tier 5
VI (6) 11 Tier 6
VII (7) 12 Tier 7
VIII (8) 13 Tier 8, #1
X (10) 14 Tier 9, #1
XIII (13) 15 Tier 10, #1
IX (9) red Elder Tier 8, #2 Occupied by the Enslaver. Map opened/owned by you.
XI (11) red Elder Tier 9, #2 Occupied by the Eradicator. Map opened/owned by you.
XII (12) red Elder Tier 9, #3 Occupied by the Constrictor. Map opened/owned by you.
XIV (14) red Elder Tier 10, #2 Occupied by the Purifier. Map opened/owned by you.
XV (15) red Tier 10, #3 Occupied by the Elder. Map opened/owned by you.
The Shaper must be kept alive.

In the game, you can obtain memory fragments from different sources, and they have specific numbers associated with them. The more common memory fragment is usually given first. For example, if you complete a T13 map with an Elder Guardian before completing a T13 Elder-influenced map, you will receive fragment 8 (VIII) instead of the Guardian specific fragment.

These memory fragments are stored in the Book of Memories, which can be found at The Templar Laboratory in the Epilogue. The page numbers in the Book of Memories correspond to the fragment numbers mentioned earlier.

Please keep in mind that the quest tracker in the game only shows the total number of memory fragments you’ve found so far. It does not reveal the specific (roman) number of the next memory fragment you will find. The fragments are numbered based on the Shaper’s Orb they result in, which may not be in the same order as you find the fragments.

For example, if you have collected the ten fragments from Elder-influence, you have actually collected fragments number 1 to 8, 10, and 13. In this case, the quest tracker will display 10 out of 15 fragments collected.

How do I access the shaper’s realm?

How do I access the shaper's realm?
How do I access the shaper’s realm?

To access The Shaper’s Realm, you must gather all 4 Shaper Guardian Fragments and arrange them in the correct sequence within your Map Device. These crucial Fragments consist of:

  • Fragment of the Hydra obtained in the Lair of the Hydra Map
  • Fragment of the Chimera obtained in the Pit of the Chimera Map
  • Fragment of the Phoenix obtained in the Forge of the Phoenix Map
  • Fragment of the Minotaur obtained in the Maze of the Minotaur Map

How do you get shaper maps in Poe?

How do you get shaper maps in Poe?
How do you get shaper maps in Poe?

Upon slaying T14+ Map Bosses in Path of Exile, a rare and coveted reward may drop: a Shaper-influenced Tier 16 map. This particular map boasts one of the four Shaper Guardian specific map bases, adding a layer of complexity and excitement to the gameplay.

There are multiple ways to obtain these sought-after maps. One method is to receive them as drops from high-tier map bosses. Alternatively, they can be acquired through Kirac, who might offer them as part of his Atlas Missions or sell them directly to players.

If you happen to come across an “Influenced Scouting Report,” a unique item within the game, using it will lead to significant changes. It will reroll all of Kirac’s Atlas Missions, ensuring that at least one Shaper Guardian, Elder Guardian, or Elderslayer Map is included in the newly generated set of missions.

Once inside a Shaper-influenced map, players can expect to encounter various Shaper-themed monsters and have the chance to find Shaper-influenced items. These items often possess powerful attributes that can greatly enhance a character’s abilities.

Moreover, the Shaper-influenced maps are not without challenge. Each map’s boss and arena are affected by specific modifiers, making the encounters more demanding and exciting. Additionally, players must be wary of stage hazards that can disrupt their progress during the fight, and weak monsters may spawn at various intervals, keeping adventurers on their toes.

In the vast world of Path of Exile, obtaining and conquering Shaper-influenced maps is a pinnacle achievement for any skilled player. For those in need of resources or currency to aid in their endeavors, there are various online marketplaces such as U4GM and Mulefactory where players can buy PoE currency and items at affordable prices, facilitating their journey through this action-packed realm.

Does shaper do chaos damage?

Does shaper do chaos damage?
Does shaper do chaos damage?

The Shaper is known as one of the most formidable adversaries in the world of Path of Exile. His unmatched strength and devastating abilities make him a true test of a player’s skill and determination. With an incredibly high health pool, he stands as the most robust foe within the entire game. One of his most iconic moves, the Shaper Beam, inflicts a staggering 15,000 elemental damage per second, combining the forces of Fire, Cold, and Lightning elements. It’s important to note that the Shaper’s attacks do not involve Chaos damage nor cause bleeding.

Facing the Shaper is a multi-phased battle that demands utmost focus and resilience. Before engaging the Shaper, players must first overcome four side bosses at the nexus. Only then will a portal open, granting access to the Shaper’s formidable arena. Throughout the encounter, the Shaper transitions through three distinct phases. After the first and second phases, he banishes both Zana and the player to a passage, providing himself an opportunity to recuperate. Players must successfully navigate this passage and return to the arena to initiate the subsequent phase. During these intervals, the Shaper gradually regains his health, posing an additional challenge for those daring enough to face him.

Prepare yourself for an epic showdown with the Shaper as you enter this momentous battle, where victory will be hard-earned, but the rewards shall be equally magnificent. Your skills, strategy, and perseverance will be put to the ultimate test as you endeavor to conquer one of the most powerful entities in Path of Exile. May fortune favor your path and lead you to triumph!

Where is Zana Poe?

Where is Zana Poe?
Where is Zana Poe?

Embark on a journey to meet the elusive character known as Zana by completing these quests:

  1. Quest: “Picking Up the Pieces” Reward: Obtain a Map Device.
  2. Quest: “Chasing a Dream” Reward: Encounter Zana.

Zana will make her appearance in the Epilogue after you’ve discovered your first Citadel, which is obtained by completing the “Chasing a Dream” quest. Once you find her, she will take over Officer Kirac’s role as a map vendor.

During the “Chasing a Dream” quest, Kirac will request your assistance in locating his brother, Baran. You must use the Map Device in your Hideout by placing a Map item into it and then activating it.

Steps to complete the quest:

  1. Use the Map Device in your Hideout: Insert a Map item into the Map Device and activate it.
  2. Defeat the boss within the map.
  3. Zana will appear and create a portal that leads to a Citadel. Speak to Zana there to progress further.

Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead as you embark on this questline and get ready to encounter the intriguing character, Zana, in Path of Exile. Happy exploring!

# Name Descriptions
1 Activate the Map Device Kirac has asked you to search for his brother, Baran, by using the Map Device in your Hideout. Place a Map item into the Map Device, then activate it.

  • Place a Map item into the Map Device in your Hideout Activate the Map Device
2 Enter a Map Portal Kirac has asked you to search for his brother, Baran, by using the Map Device in your Hideout. Enter the Map portal to begin searching.

  • Enter a Map Portal created by the Map Device in your Hideout
3 Explore the Maps Kirac has asked you to search for his brother, Baran. Search the Maps for him by using the Map Device in your Hideout.

  • Explore the Maps Search for Kirac’s brother
4 Kirac has asked you to search for his brother, Baran. Search the Atlas for him by using the Map Device in your Hideout.

  • Explore the Atlas Search for Kirac’s brother
5 Quest Complete – You have found Zana Caeserius, Master Cartographer. She will help you find Kirac’s brother Baran.


As you immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Path of Exile, remember that knowledge and strategy are your greatest allies. Learn to harness the power of the JShaper’s Orbs wisely, and you shall stand victorious against the countless challenges that lie ahead. So, sharpen your blades, attune your minds, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through the Path of Exile!

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