Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse spark engagement rumours

Rumours have been circulating that Hollywood star Robert Pattinson and model-actress Suki Waterhouse are engaged and expecting their first child, as of December 21, 2023. The duo, who have been an item for five years, recently added to the speculation when Waterhouse was seen sporting a brilliant diamond ring on her left ring finger during a casual walk in London’s streets.

The rumours of the pair’s engagement began to spread like wildfire when Waterhouse was snapped wearing a bespoke Toi et Moi ring. The Daily Mail reported that this exquisitely crafted piece of jewellery, featuring a 2.5ct princess-cut diamond coupled with a 2.5ct pear-shaped diamond on a diamond pavé platinum band, is priced at a staggering £260,000 ($330,000).

The debut of this ring by Waterhouse during a public outing with Pattinson led to it being the hot topic of conversation. The media and fans alike are abuzz with this significant development in the couple’s relationship, which has remained largely private.

Adding to the intrigue, Waterhouse publicly confirmed her pregnancy in November 2023, during a performance at the Corona Capital Music Festival in Mexico City. The announcement took fans by surprise, revealing that the couple is eagerly expecting their first child.

Rumours of the couple’s engagement were further fuelled when Waterhouse was seen caressing her baby bump at the 2023 Fashion Awards in London. Dressed to the nines and wearing the bespoke engagement ring, the actress exuded happiness, leaving fans curious about the couple’s transition into parenthood.

Despite their celebrity status, Pattinson and Waterhouse have maintained a low profile about their relationship. The couple, who have been together for a commendable five years, live together in London and have successfully kept their love story away from the media’s spotlight. This privacy makes their rare public appearances intriguing. In an interview with The Sunday Times in February 2023, Waterhouse revealed that their relationship remains strong and passionate even after half a decade of dating.

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