Renzi: “The vote on the ESM unites Meloni, Salvini and Conte”. And on the new stability pact: “It will force the government to take a corrective action”

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“The populists stand together: MelonsSalvini and With you they are the same thing, they are all three leaders of parties that I’m against Europe and this creates problems on both the right and the left.” For Matteo Renzi today’s vote in Parliament which rejected the ratification of the ESM “is a huge event, destined to disrupt alliances and Italian political games”.

According to the head of Italia Vivawhich was in favor of the ratification of the ESMin the Meloni government “when they looked this night what was inside the Stability Pact – which according to Renzi – did not accept any of the Italian requests – and they realized that they could not be the only ones to be against the new rules, at that point , they made a reaction foul by saying ‘and we do not ratify the ESM‘. However, this poses problems – explains the former Prime Minister -. Tomorrow in the Senate we will vote on a budget law which provides for a decrease in the debt/GDP ratio of 0.1%, if things are as they seem, with the new rules of the Stability Pact, the debt recovery curve must be 1%, not 0.1%”. Translated: “here 17-18 billion euros are missing, it means that in the next three years the Italian State must find more than 50 billion euros. This means that a corrective measure needs to be taken as early as 2024. I have the impression – concludes the senator – that the Meloni government must quickly equip itself with a strategy that this budget law does not have”