Quentin Tarantino gave up shooting “Star Trek”

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Tarantino has made it clear that The Movie Critic will probably be his last film, and that he wants to retire from directing after completing this film. He said that he would end his career with his 10th film.
Smith stated that Tarantino’s take on Star Trek would be rated “over 18”.

“I think his vision was just to go further. “It’s a tough 18-year-old movie,” said Smith, adding, “There would be a kind of Pulp Fiction violence.” There would be the edge and Tarantino vibe that he brought. “It would be great,” he said.
A fourth Star Trek film was announced in 2016 by production companies Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Bad Robot. The three production companies also collaborated on the movie “Star Trek: Beyond.”

Tarantino’s involvement in the new Star Trek movie was announced in 2017. At that time, it was also written that the film would be limited to 18 years of age. Now, with Smith’s words, the news that it will be a movie suitable for those over 18 has been confirmed.
Smith also stated that if Tarantino decides to shoot the movie, it will break new ground in the series.

Tarantino’s last film of 2019, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” won two Oscars and grossed over $377 million worldwide.