Phuti Khomo Biography, Early Life, Career, Education, Personal Life & Net Worth


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outstanding career

Khomo’s career in the entertainment industry is marked by many important milestones. She began her acting career in 2001 in a show broadcast on SABC 1. Her popularity was boosted in 2002 when she won the Miss SA Teen competition, opening up many opportunities.

She ventured into the music industry with a show on the SABC network called “One” and later participated in “Egoli: Place of Gold” where she portrayed the character of Bali for three years. Her talent also took her to radio, where she presented a show on Yfm.

Khomo’s modeling career includes being a featured model for Palmolive Mini Cooper and being nominated by FHM as one of the 50 most beautiful and successful women in South Africa. In 2007, she hosted the music gossip show “Ripped” and starred as Phaphama Molefe in “,” replacing KB Motsilanyane.


Khomo’s acting ability can be shown through many different roles. She is best known for her role as Carol Chabeli in “Muvhango” and has appeared in shows such as “10 Over 10”, “Rivals in Romance”, “Skeem Saam”, “The Wild”, “Tropika Island of Treasure ”, “Zaziwa, “Egoli: The Golden Place” and “Mangaung Street.”

Personal life

Khomo has been in a relationship for over a decade. She values ​​her independence and career, having put marriage and family life on hold for her career aspirations. Her partner, whose name has not yet been revealed, supported her, as evidenced by giving her a truck, a long-time dream of Khomo’s.

Despite his success, Khomo still faces many challenges, including rent-related disputes and criticism on social media. Yet she remained resilient and determined, often addressing her critics directly. Her Instagram account, launched in April 2020, quickly attracted more than 223k followers, demonstrating her popularity and influence.

Remarkable insights into the life of Phuti Khomo

Legal and financial challenges

In 2019, Phuti Khomo faced legal challenges when her landlord, businesswoman Marli Hoffman, accused her of being seven months late in paying rent. The total amount payable was reported as R250,000. The situation highlights the contrast between Khomo’s public persona and her private financial affairs, sparking discussions about the realities that are often hidden behind a facade of glamor. expressed by public figures.

Phuti Khomo’s interaction with her audience took a significant turn on April 2, 2020, when she started actively posting on Instagram. Her profile features many modeling photos and promotional content. This social media effort has received positive feedback, as evidenced by her rapidly growing number of followers, skyrocketing to more than 223,000 in just one year. This impressive growth underscores her influence and popularity, further establishing her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Net value

Phuti Khomo not only asserts herself as a talented artist but also a successful businessman. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $3 million. Her assets include two large trucks, signifying her success in the industry.


Phuti Khomo’s life and career are a testament to her talent, determination and resilience. From his early days at drama school to his various roles in the South African entertainment industry, Khomo has consistently demonstrated his versatility and strength as an artist and businessman.