“Nugu” Boy Group Posts On Weverse Over 5,000 Times, Beating All Other Artists

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As the year comes to a close, many platforms are posting their end-of-year data for users to see. Several K-Pop groups have made headlines for their inclusions in Spotify‘s 2023 totals, and North Korea even was included in an “adult” website’s year end data.

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HYBE‘s social media platform recently shared its “wrapped” for the year as well.

| Weverse

Weverse has become the most used K-Pop social media platform following SM Entertainment‘s artists moving to the app earlier this year.

The platform gives fans the direct ability to leave messages to idols, chat with each other, and view any content shared by idols including live streams.

| BTS/Weverse

The end-of-year data included categories like most viewed live stream, which went to BTS‘s Jungkook and fastest live held after joining, which went to SHINee‘s Key.

The wrap-up also included the three artists who made the most posts on the platform this year. In third was JUST B, while SEVENTEEN came in second.

JUST B | Blue Dot Entertainment

The group with the most posts posted more than second and third place’s totals combined, with 5,164 posts.

This honor went to the fourth-generation boy group KINGDOM.


KINGDOM debuted in February 2021 under GF Entertainment and are considered a “nugu” group, or lesser known or popular group, usually under smaller companies.

The group have made big leaps this year, however, embarking on their first U.S tour and hitting over 50,000 sales with the release of History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin.

KINGDOM’s activity on Weverse may sound unexpected to non-fans, but KINGMEs are used to them blowing up their phones. In fact, it seems the group actually slowed down on their posts since joining the platform last year.

i wonder how their stats would have looked like if kingdom still was as active as the first day they joined weverse 💀 pic.twitter.com/WsqkTi5f49

— hilke ヒルケ thank u chiwoo (sia) (@jjkxhlk) December 21, 2023

Member Mujin even gained attention for posting more than 2000 selfies, including 500 in one night by October of 2022.


Here’s to KINGDOM continuing to blow up phones in the new year! You can check out the full results of Weverse’s wrap-up below.

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