NASA captures a “Christmas tree” in space: this is what the star cluster in the Milky Way looks like | Video | Photo

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As we prepare for Christmas and the coming of kings, the universe surprises us with an unusual image captured by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA. It is a Christmas show located 2,500 light years from the Landin the Milky Way.

NASA and the Smithsonian Chandra Astrophysical Observatoryrevealed to the entire world a photograph from outer space where it is possible to observe a cluster of bright stars that form a green Christmas tree. The unique thing about the image is that you can see a series of blinking star lights in blue and white tones surrounding the “Christmas tree.”


  1. NASA captures ‘cluster of Christmas trees’
  2. A group of stars with a Christmas tree
  3. The stars are like lights on a Christmas tree

“Our Observatory @ChandraXray recently detected the blue and white lights that decorate the “Christmas Tree Cluster”, a swarm of stars and gas about 2,500 light years from Earth,” is the tweet shared by NASA on ‘X’.

A star cluster discovered by POT, known as NGC 2264, is located in the Milky Way, about 2,500 light years from Earth. The stars in the cluster come in a variety of sizes, from relatively small, with a mass one-tenth the mass of the Sun, to relatively large, with a mass seven times the mass of the Sun.

NASA used visual composition to highlight the similarity of a group of stars to a Christmas tree. To do this, the original image was rotated and the color green was chosen to represent optical data. The light green lines and shapes represent the tree’s branches and needles.