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Another Fox TV series, Kocamın Aile, which will bring exciting moments to summer viewers and enjoy watching, has turned ratings upside down since the first day of its broadcast. The main role in the famous series called Kocamın Aile, produced by Mia Film and produced by Banu Akdeniz, is the actors shared by Selen Seyven, Gökhan Alkan, Yıldız Kültür, Yeşim Salkım, Buse Arslan, Füsun Kostak and Şehsuvar Aktaş.

Newlyweds Yonca (Selen Seyven) and Tarık (Gökhan Alkan) have a happy relationship. Tarık is a successful surgeon and director of Yonca’s Public Relations. Tarik grew up knowing nothing about his family. Tarık is friendly and approachable to the family where one of their sons has been missing for 25 years in the apartment they just moved into. While he shows affection, his wife, Yonca, cannot warm up to this family and wants to stay away. Although she cannot understand her husband Tarik Yonca’s reaction, they begin to uncover some mysteries about this family.

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My husband’s family TV actor

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