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In 2019, journalist Mijael Garrido Lecca decided to respond to comedian Mateo Garrido Lecca about the family cohesion that they possess, after hundreds of users speculated that a blood tie unites them. Let us remember that at that time the improviser was in the public eye for the controversial messages he made against APRA.

In this article from El Popular we will tell you what unites both characters and whether they have a good relationship as family members or not. Will they get along? Here we will tell you all the details.


  1. What family relationship do Mijael Garrido Lecca and Mateo Garrido Lecca have?
  2. What did Mateo Garrido Lecca say about Cassandra Sánchez and why did it cause so much controversy?
  3. Mateo Garrido Lecca and current life

According to what he said MichaelThrough his social networks, the participant of the digital program ‘Chapa tu money’, hosted by Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, is his cousin; However, he admitted to not having a very close relationship.

“Ma’am: Mateo’s dad is my dad’s third cousin. I don’t know if he needs me to do a family tree for him to understand that we’re not that close. “Have a nice day,” the former Latina host said.

It should be noted that on a previous occasion, Mateo assured that they are not first cousins, but they are related by blood: “Yes, we are not (we are) first cousins fairy, but yes.”