Melek Zeynep Bulut: We presented Open Work in three different exhibitions

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Stating that the system of the works he designed prioritizes acting as a mechanism of the human body in terms of context and technique, the artist gave the following information:

“Acoustic and structural design combine in the Open Work. The structure we call the spine actually brings with it other movements by nature, and these movement mechanisms contain very important clues and inspirations for us. We paid attention to such a structural fiction in this work as well. Those who encounter and come into contact with it “It has a quality that everyone, even the wind, can control, but at the same time, it does not leave its own form.”

Stating that they closed the exhibition with the visit of President Erdoğan, the architect said, “It was a visit that made us very proud and happy. I explained the work to him. He made very positive comments and was happy. He congratulated and appreciated it. It was a very valuable memory for us. In fact, Open Work was not a work that we planned to hold consecutive exhibitions in. However, the process took shape with the attention the exhibitions received, awards, books and subsequent offers, we exhibited the work in various venues and in fact, this context, which took the foundation of the work with it and was not rooted, worked itself out. Its next journey was a surprise. “Let’s see it together,” he said.