Massimiliano Varrese disqualified from Big Brother 2023?/ The sentence to Vittorio sparks controversy

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Massimiliano Varrese’s quote to Vittorio sparked discussion: this is what happened

Massimiliano Varrese, in recent weeks, has been in the crosshairs of public attention due to some unfortunate statements addressed to Beatrice Luzzi at Oldest brother. Alfonso Signorini himself took him back, threatening him with disqualification if another event of this kind were to occur.

In the last few hours, however, it seems that the actor has fallen back into it. The women of the house were called to the confessional while they were in the living room, at which point Massimiliano turns to Vittorio and says: “Not you“. The comment was described as homophobic by several users on the web. Disqualification coming for the actor? All that remains is to wait for developments.

Gf: ‘All women in the confessional’
Guru: Vittorio, aren’t you?…
Homophobic joke that hides a primadonna attitude that fails to excel.
This guy should have been disqualified and that’s it.#Oldest brother

— Ma Dai (@davidsdvd1) December 19, 2023

Beatrice Luzzi on Varrese: “His attitude is very serious”

Beatrice Luzzi, in the last few hours, wanted to analyze more objectively the issue in which Massimiliano Varrese is involved. This actor was the protagonist of unpleasant gestures and statements towards the contestants, to the point that he was himself threatened with disqualification by Alfonso Signorini himself.

The case, however, has also come to attention outside of Big Brother; Gessica Notaro herself defined the actor’s attitudes towards Beatrice as dangerous. “His attitude is very serious, but here they do not understand, because he lacks clarity.. They understood it better outside than inside the House” declared Luzzi. Immediately afterwards the director changed the shot, also removing the audio, censoring the competitor’s speech.