Martin Garrix returns to Lima for the close of summer 2024 | concert | Teleticket | Coast 21

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It is a fact. Martin Garrix returned to Lima on March 1 as part of your visit to South America. The talented and best DJ in the world for three consecutive times will play again in the Peruvian capital to delight his audience.

The venue where he will play his best hits such as “In The Name Of Love”, “Scared To Be Lonely” and “Don’t Look Down” will be the Coast 21 and tickets can be purchased from the Teleticket website starting December 20 in pre-sale.

Martin Garrix’s rise within the global electronic scene has been and continues to be astonishing. Throughout his short career, he has created hits alone and also with big name artists such as Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Tiesto, Usher and U2.

Martin Garrix returns to Lima

Martin Garrix returns to Lima

His ability to combine different styles of electronic music, his energy on stage and his ability to create catchy melodies has allowed him to create hits that transcend stages and even become anthems. of sports competitions, such as “We Are”. People” (for UEFA EURO 2020).

Owning the record label STMPD RCRDS, the 27-year-old Dutch musician has managed to navigate the broad spectrum of electronic dance music, or EDM, as it is known in English. However, he has also tried his hand at pop, electropop and progressive house music.