Manipur women paraded video viral original incident sparks controversy online

Manipur women paraded video viral original incident sparks controversy online


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Manipur Woman Paraded Video: Shocking Incident Shakes the Nation

A recent viral video on Reddit and Twitter has left the nation in shock and disbelief. The Manipur Woman Paraded Video depicts a horrifying incident where two women were forced to be naked and shot on camera. The video went viral on July 19, spreading like wildfire across various social media platforms. This incident has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of individuals in the state of Manipur.

A Disturbing Reality Unveiled

The Manipur Woman Paraded Video has shattered the illusion that acts of crime and violence only exist in fictional TV shows like Crime Petrol and Savdhaan India. This incident serves as a harsh reminder that such incidents are not just stories but a disturbing reality that can deeply affect individuals both mentally and physically. The nation as a whole has been left perplexed by the heinous act captured in the video.

Forced Parade and Gang Rape

According to reports from The Hindu, the viral video allegedly shows the gang rape of the two women. The perpetrators forced the victims to be in compromising positions in front of the camera, displaying a level of cruelty that is unimaginable. This incident highlights the extent to which some individuals have lost their humanity in today’s world.

Seeking Justice for the Victims

The Manipur Woman Paraded Video has sparked outrage and calls for justice. The state police are actively working on closing the case, with a criminal offense already registered. The perpetrators involved in this horrific act will be taken to court and face appropriate legal consequences for their actions. It is important to note that sharing or seeking the original video link is both disrespectful and insensitive towards the victims.

Reasons Behind the Viral Video

The purpose of the Manipur Woman Paraded Video was to expose the negative actions of an opposition tribal group and shed light on the helplessness of residents who become victims of such incidents within the state. The video was strategically released just one day before an event organized by the Indigenous Tribal Leader Forum, aiming to raise awareness about the plight of the victim tribal group and hold the culprits accountable.

A Cry for Help Ignored

In the video, the two women can be seen pleading for help, showcasing their helpless condition. The perpetrators intentionally created and circulated the video, causing tension and distress among the people of Manipur. This incident has not only caused physical, social, and emotional harm to the victims but has also left them mentally scarred.

Government Intervention and Public Outcry

The Indian government has taken swift action by sending notices to social media platforms like Twitter, urging them to remove the video from circulation. Efforts are being made to identify the individuals involved in the video and take immediate action against them. It is disheartening to learn that this is not the first such incident in the state, as several similar incidents have previously occurred, victimizing women and children.

Demands for Accountability

Amidst public outrage, the opposition party is demanding the resignation of the current Manipur Chief Minister, as they believe not enough is being done to address such cases. The government must take responsibility for ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, especially the most vulnerable members of society.


The Manipur Woman Paraded Video has exposed a horrifying reality that should not be ignored. It is a wake-up call for society to address the deep-rooted issues that contribute to such acts of violence and ensure justice for the victims. The nation stands united in its demand for accountability and a safer environment for all.


Q: What steps are being taken to provide support to the victims?

A: The government is committed to providing support and assistance to the victims, including counseling and legal aid.

Q: Are there any initiatives in place to prevent such incidents in the future?

A: Efforts are being made to strengthen law enforcement measures and raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and women’s rights.

Q: How can individuals contribute to preventing such incidents?

A: It is essential for everyone to speak up against any form of violence, support victims, and promote a culture of respect and empathy.

Q: What are the legal consequences for the perpetrators?

A: The individuals involved in the Manipur Woman Paraded Video will face legal action, and appropriate punishment will be determined by the court.

Q: How can social media platforms play a role in preventing the circulation of such videos?

A: Social media platforms must proactively monitor and remove any content that promotes violence, ensuring a safer online environment for users.

In conclusion, the Manipur Woman Paraded Video serves as a chilling reminder of the urgent need for societal change and justice. It is crucial for individuals, authorities, and communities to come together to address the root causes of such acts and create a safer and more inclusive society for all.

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