M Zhayt Biography, Early Life, Personal Life, Career & Achievement

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Biography of M Zhayt –Mark Anthony Sanchez, known professionally as M Zhayt, is a renowned Filipino rap artist, battle rapper, actor, blogger, and director, recognized for his significant contributions to the Philippine rap scene. Born in 1970 in Pasig City, Philippines, Zhayt is the youngest of three siblings. His upbringing in a challenging neighborhood exposed him to drug abuse, gang wars, and police brutality, experiences that profoundly influenced his artistic journey. His passion for rap was ignited early, thanks to his brother’s interest in both local and international rap artists.


  1. Early life
  2. Childhood and early childhood environments
  3. The role of family
  4. Rap’s career and achievements
  5. Personal life and relationships
  6. Personal and family life
  7. Musical partnership
  8. Building Community in Rap
  9. Influence on the Rap Industry
  10. Legacy and contribution

Early life

Childhood and early childhood environments

Mark Anthony Sanchez, who later became famous as M Zhayt, entered the world in 1970, in the bustling and culturally diverse city of Pasig in the Philippines. His childhood was spent in a neighborhood filled with life but also full of challenges. The daily challenges and resilient spirit of the surrounding community significantly influenced his formative years, shaping his perspectives and experiences.

The role of family

In stark contrast to the often chaotic outside world, Zhayt’s home environment is a haven of stability and care. Within the confines of his home, he found a nurturing space, shielded from the harsher realities of street life. This supportive family environment played a vital role in grounding and fostering his development amidst the vibrancy and struggle of his surroundings.

Personal life and relationships

Personal and family life

At the core of M Zhayt’s life was a deep devotion to his family. He married a fellow artist who was also a key figure at Motus Records, creating a unique synergy between a romantic and artistic partnership. Their wedding, a modest yet heartfelt affair, reflected their values ​​of intimacy and sincerity. The birth of their son has brought added joy and depth to Zhayt’s life, an aspect he often shares on social media, reflecting his deep connection and love for his family. family.

Musical partnership

In his professional field, M Zhayt’s relationships often develop into meaningful friendships. This is especially evident in his relationship with Mike Kosa, a respected figure in the rap community and founder of 187 Mobstaz. Their joint works, including songs like “Easy Ka Lang 2” and “Delihensya,” go beyond mere musical collaboration, demonstrating a relationship built on mutual respect and support. together. These alliances extend to many different aspects of their careers, highlighting strong, reciprocal partnerships.

Zhayt’s role within Motus Records and the larger rap community was marked by close relationships with a number of artists. His interactions with individuals such as Hans, Jr Crown, Thome and Ian Angeles went beyond mere work-related collaboration. Together, they engage in creative endeavors, rap competitions, and entertainment activities, fostering a sense of community and common growth. Their collective presence on social media reflects this connection, demonstrating their shared experiences and understanding of the world of music.

Influence on the Rap Industry

Zhayt’s involvement in the rap community is a testament to his influence in fostering an atmosphere of support and collaboration. His ability to intertwine his personal and professional lives highlights his dedication to mentoring emerging talent and cultivating a community that values ​​collective achievement.

Legacy and contribution

M Zhayt’s impact goes far beyond his musical creations. His significant contributions to the Philippine rap scene, especially in battle rap, were instrumental. His active involvement in addressing social issues and his presence in the media landscape have cemented his position as an influential figure in the entertainment sector of Philippines.

M Zhayt’s life, representing a combination of personal dedication and professional excellence, has made him a symbol of resilience and creativity in the Philippine rap industry, inspiring inspiring a new wave of artists and shaping the future of the genre.