Kelly Kreder Obituary, Kelly Kreder Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Kelly Kreder Obituary, Death – It’s with heavy hearts that we inform you of the untimely passing of our dear friend, Kelly Kreder, who tragically lost her life in a car accident last Friday. The sudden loss of Kelly has left us reeling with grief and profound sadness.

In remembrance and honor of Kelly’s life, a memorial service will be held this Saturday, December 23, at 2:00 pm. The service will take place at the Dayton First Baptist Church located at 300 Flower Lane. This gathering will provide an opportunity for friends, family, and all who knew Kelly to come together, pay their respects, and celebrate her life.

Kelly was a cherished friend, known for her kindness, vibrant spirit, and unwavering support for those around her. Her untimely departure has left an irreplaceable void in our lives and in the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her.

The suddenness of this tragedy has deeply impacted us all, and as we navigate this period of mourning, we invite everyone touched by Kelly’s warmth and friendship to join us in commemorating her life. Together, let us cherish the memories we shared and find solace in coming together to honor Kelly’s legacy.

The Dayton First Baptist Church at 300 Flower Lane will be the gathering place for all who wish to bid farewell to our beloved friend. As we unite in mourning her loss, we also unite in celebrating the beautiful person Kelly was and the positive impact she had on each of our lives. Let us gather to honor her memory and find comfort in each other during this difficult time.

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