Kathryn Bernardo vaping video controversy explained

Kathryn Bernardo vaping video controversy explained


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Kathryn Bernardo’s Controversial Vaping Video: Explained

Kathryn Bernardo, the famous Filipino actress known for her exceptional acting skills and undeniable charm, is currently making waves on the internet. However, this time it’s not for her talent or charisma but due to an ongoing controversy that has left her fans shocked. Let’s delve into the details of this trending topic and find out what exactly has been going on in Kathryn Bernardo’s life.

A Glimpse into Kathryn Bernardo’s Life

Born on March 26, 1996, in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines, Kathryn Bernardo is a 27-year-old multi-talented personality in the Filipino entertainment industry. Apart from being a renowned actress, she is also an endorser, model, philanthropist, recording artist, and entrepreneur – truly a woman of many talents.

On May 25, 2012, Kathryn tied the knot with her longtime partner Daniel Padilla. Although they have been together for a substantial amount of time, there is no news of them having a child yet. Kathryn’s parents, Teodore and Luzvimindra Bernardo, have played a significant role in her life, along with her three siblings – two sisters named Kaye and Chrysler, and a brother named Kevin.

The Viral Vaping Video

A few days ago, a video of Kathryn Bernardo vaping went viral on platforms like TikTok and Twitter (X). The video, which captured her in the act of vaping, caused quite a stir among her fans and the general public. The controversy surrounding this video reached its peak when Kathryn addressed it during a press conference held on August 23, 2023, Wednesday.

At the press conference, a reporter questioned Kathryn about the vaping controversy. In response, she calmly stated that her vaping was a personal choice. While she expressed her sadness about the video, as it invaded her privacy, she also acknowledged that it is now a known fact that she vapes.

The Impact and Silence

Kathryn’s comment about the controversy had a surprising effect on the people who were initially trolling her. Her straightforward and unapologetic attitude seemed to have silenced them. It’s intriguing to see how a simple statement can change the dynamics of public opinion.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Kathryn Bernardo remains a celebrated figure in the Filipino entertainment industry. Her talents, achievements, and contributions to various fields continue to be recognized and appreciated.


In conclusion, Kathryn Bernardo’s recent vaping controversy has undoubtedly caused a stir on the internet and among her fans. However, it is essential to remember that every individual has the right to make personal choices, even those in the public eye. As fans and supporters, it is crucial to respect their privacy and focus on the incredible talent and contributions that they bring to the table.


Q: What other controversies has Kathryn Bernardo been involved in?

A: Apart from the recent vaping controversy, Kathryn Bernardo has managed to stay away from major controversies throughout her career.

Q: How did Kathryn Bernardo’s fans react to the vaping video?

A: Kathryn Bernardo’s fans were shocked and disappointed upon seeing the vaping video, as it was unexpected and out of character for her.

Q: Does Kathryn Bernardo have any upcoming projects?

A: While there is no specific information about Kathryn Bernardo’s upcoming projects, fans can look forward to her future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Q: How has Kathryn Bernardo addressed the controversy?

A: During a press conference, Kathryn Bernardo calmly addressed the vaping controversy, stating that it was her personal choice and expressing her sadness about the invasion of her privacy.

Q: How can fans show support to Kathryn Bernardo during this controversy?

A: Fans can show their support to Kathryn Bernardo by focusing on her talent and contributions, respecting her privacy, and continuing to appreciate her work in the entertainment industry.

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