What happened next for Kate Middleton’s university dress designer

In 2002, a young textiles student named Charlotte Todd lent a hand-knit tube skirt to a charity fashion show at the University of St. Andrews. Little did she know that Kate Middleton, then a first-year student, would choose to wear her creation, sparking a royal romance. Now, Netflix has released an image of the dress being recreated in The Crown. But what happened to the original dress and its designer? Read on to discover the surprising journey of this iconic piece of fashion history.

The Story Behind Kate Middleton’s Iconic Dress


The story of Kate Middleton’s iconic dress begins in March 2002, when a young textiles student named Charlotte Todd lent a hand-knit tube skirt for a charity fashion show at the University of St. Andrews. Little did she know that this simple act would set in motion a series of events that would capture the world’s attention. Kate Middleton, then a first-year student and volunteer model, chose to wear Todd’s creation, transforming it into a dress that would become a symbol of a budding royal romance. The pictures of Kate in the dress made headlines at the time, but it was eight years later, when Prince William introduced his fiancée to the world, that the dress gained global recognition. Now, as the story unfolds on Netflix’s “The Crown,” the dress takes center stage once again. But what happened to the original dress and its designer, Charlotte Todd? Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of this iconic piece of fashion history.

The Unveiling of the Dress

Kate Middleton’s Choice

When Kate Middleton walked the runway at the University of St. Andrews charity fashion show, little did she know that her choice of outfit would become a defining moment in her life. Among a rail of outfits lent by students from all over the UK, Kate selected a hand-knit tube skirt by Charlotte Todd. With her impeccable sense of style, she transformed the skirt into a stunning dress, pairing it with a black bandeau bra and knickers. The moment Kate stepped out in Todd’s creation, all eyes were on her. The dress, with its delicate filigree design, perfectly captured the essence of Kate’s elegance and grace.

Global Attention

The pictures of Kate Middleton wearing the dress made waves not only locally but also globally. They became a symbol of a blossoming love story that would captivate the world. However, it wasn’t until eight years later, when Prince William announced his engagement to Kate, that the dress gained widespread recognition. The images resurfaced, seen by millions, as people marveled at the significance of that moment on the runway. The dress became an iconic piece of fashion history, forever linked to the beginning of a royal romance.

The global attention surrounding the dress sparked curiosity about its designer, Charlotte Todd. Reporters sought her out to learn more about the creation that had played a role in the royal relationship. Todd, proud of her contribution to fashion history, expressed her wonder about Kate’s feelings towards the dress. She vowed never to sell it, considering it a precious memento of a significant moment in both her own life and the lives of the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Journey of the Dress

Initial Neglect

After the charity fashion show, the dress that had once graced the runway was relegated to the back of Charlotte Todd’s wardrobe, forgotten and gathering dust. Todd completed her studies and embarked on a career at the Bristol Aquarium gift shop, leaving behind the memories of that fateful fashion show. The dress, once a symbol of hope and possibility, seemed destined to remain hidden away, its significance fading into obscurity.

Realization of Value

However, everything changed when Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement. Suddenly, the dress that had been tucked away in Todd’s wardrobe became a sought-after piece of fashion history. Reporters clamored to learn more about the dress that had played a role in the royal love story. Todd, realizing the importance and potential value of the dress, decided to seize the opportunity.

When a newspaper offered her £1,000 for the garment, Todd declined, recognizing that its true worth far exceeded that amount. She understood that the dress had become a symbol of a significant moment in time, a piece of fashion history that had captured the world’s attention. With the engagement, Todd’s perspective shifted, and she began to see the dress as more than just a forgotten item in her wardrobe.

Taking a leap of faith, Todd entrusted the dress to Kerry Taylor, a London-based auctioneer. The anticipation surrounding the auction was unlike anything Taylor had experienced in her four decades as an auctioneer. The dress, with its intricate black knitted filigree design, had become a coveted piece of royal memorabilia.

When the hammer finally fell, the dress was sold for an astounding £78,000 to a private collector from Jersey. The sale marked a turning point in Todd’s life, as the money she received from the auction became a life-changing sum. It provided her with the opportunity to pursue her dreams and make a fresh start.

The journey of the dress, from being neglected in a wardrobe to becoming a highly sought-after item, is a testament to the power of fashion and its ability to capture the imagination of the world. The dress, once a symbol of a budding romance, now holds a place in the annals of fashion history, forever linked to the story of Kate Middleton and the future King of England.

The Auction and Life-Changing Moment

The Auction Day

The day of the auction arrived, and anticipation filled the air as the iconic dress worn by Kate Middleton was about to find a new home. Kerry Taylor, the London-based auctioneer, had seen her fair share of remarkable pieces, but the frenzy surrounding this dress was unparalleled. Paparazzi and reporters gathered, eager to witness who would become the proud owner of this piece of fashion history.

As the bidding began, the excitement in the room reached a crescendo. The price soared higher and higher, fueled by the significance of the dress and the worldwide fascination with the royal couple. Finally, the hammer fell, and the dress was sold for an astonishing £78,000. The buyer, bidding over the phone, remained anonymous, adding an air of mystery to the moment. Speculation swirled that it might have been Prince William himself, but the truth revealed that it was a private collector from Jersey.

Impact on Charlotte Todd

For Charlotte Todd, the auction marked a turning point in her life. The dress that had once been tucked away in the back of her wardrobe had now become a catalyst for change. The substantial sum she received from the sale was nothing short of life-changing. It opened doors and presented opportunities she had never imagined.

With the newfound financial freedom, Todd had the chance to pursue her dreams and make a fresh start. The money served as a deposit for her own house, a symbol of her newfound independence and success. It was a testament to the power of a single creation, a dress that had captured the world’s attention and forever etched itself into the annals of fashion history.

Reflecting on the extraordinary journey, Todd expressed her gratitude and emotions. She was speechless, overwhelmed by the realization that her creation had garnered such immense value. The dress had become more than just a piece of fabric; it had become a symbol of her own resilience and talent.

The auction marked the end of one chapter for Todd, but it also opened the door to new possibilities. The impact of the dress on her life was profound, and she embraced the opportunity to pursue her passion for fashion. With determination and a renewed sense of purpose, Todd embarked on a new venture, launching her own fashion brand.

The auction and the subsequent success of the dress served as a reminder of the transformative power of fashion and the enduring allure of royal connections. The story of Kate Middleton’s iconic dress continues to captivate, reminding us of the extraordinary journeys that can unfold from a single moment in time.

The Fashion Brand and Future Hopes

Launch of Fashion Babylon

Following the remarkable success of the auction, Charlotte Todd embarked on an exciting new chapter in her life. Inspired by the overwhelming response to Kate Middleton’s iconic dress, Todd decided to channel her passion for fashion into creating her own brand. Thus, Fashion Babylon was born.

With her debut collection, Todd aimed to capture the essence of boho glam with a touch of royal sophistication. She took the original design of Middleton’s knitted tube dress and reimagined it in twelve updated versions, offering a range of vibrant colors and using a thicker knit to ensure comfort and versatility. The dresses were not only stylish but also practical, designed to keep wearers cool during summer days and warm during evenings. They were intended to be more than just garments; they were meant to be statement pieces that exuded confidence and elegance.

Missed Opportunity

As Todd’s fashion brand gained momentum, the world eagerly awaited the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Speculation arose about who would have the honor of designing the bride’s gown. Todd, having played a significant role in the couple’s journey, expressed her desire to be involved in creating the iconic dress. However, the commission ultimately went to the renowned house of McQueen, leaving Todd with a bittersweet feeling.

Although the opportunity to design the bridal gown slipped through her fingers, Todd remained optimistic and supportive. She acknowledged that Sarah Burton of McQueen would undoubtedly do an exceptional job and expressed her hope that Kate would wear something she truly loved. Todd’s journey had taught her the value of embracing opportunities and celebrating the achievements of others, even when they differed from her own aspirations.

Fashion Babylon continued to thrive, with Todd’s designs captivating fashion enthusiasts around the world. Her brand became synonymous with creativity, elegance, and a touch of royal allure. While the missed opportunity to design the bridal gown was a moment of reflection for Todd, it did not dampen her spirits or diminish her determination to leave a lasting impact on the fashion industry.

As Todd looked toward the future, she remained grateful for the incredible journey that had unfolded from a single dress. The success of Fashion Babylon and the enduring legacy of Kate Middleton’s iconic dress served as a reminder that dreams can be realized, even in the face of missed opportunities. Todd’s story is a testament to the resilience and passion that fuels the world of fashion, inspiring others to pursue their own creative endeavors and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.

The Potential Value Today

Protective Royal Family

As time has passed since the auction of Kate Middleton’s iconic dress, the potential value of this piece of fashion history has only grown. The Royal family, recognizing the significance of their personal possessions and clothing items, has become increasingly protective of their belongings entering the open market. This means that any items associated with the Royals that do make their way into public circulation become rare and highly sought after.

The Sky’s the Limit

Considering the current fervor surrounding all things related to Kate Middleton, it is safe to say that the value of her dress, had it been held onto for a decade longer, would have skyrocketed. Experts speculate that the dress, which originally cost £30 to make, could now be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more. The combination of its historical significance, association with the royal romance, and the global fascination with Kate Middleton makes it an incredibly valuable and coveted piece.

Recent sales of royal memorabilia, such as Princess Diana’s famous sheep knit jumper, which sold for over a million dollars, demonstrate the immense worth that collectors and enthusiasts place on items connected to the Royal family. With the continued popularity of Kate Middleton and the enduring fascination with her fashion choices, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the potential value of her iconic dress.

While Charlotte Todd may wonder what could have been if she had held onto the dress for longer, she can take pride in the fact that her creation played a significant role in the royal love story and continues to captivate the world. The dress serves as a symbol of the enduring allure of the Royals and the power of fashion to transcend time and capture the imagination of generations to come.

In 2002, Kate Middleton wore a hand-knit dress by Charlotte Todd in a charity fashion show. The dress gained global attention when Middleton became engaged to Prince William. Todd initially kept the dress but eventually sold it at auction for £78,000. The experience inspired Todd to launch her own fashion brand, Fashion Babylon. Although she didn’t design Middleton’s wedding gown, Todd’s dress could be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds today. With the royal family’s protective stance on personal possessions, rare items like this dress become even more valuable. The sky’s the limit for its worth in today’s Kate mania.

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