Idol Rapper Alleged To Have Illegally Filmed His Ex-Girlfriend During Sex

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A rapper, who is a former idol, was sent to prosecutors for allegedly illegally filming his partner while having sex.

On December 22, Munhwa Ilbo reported that the former idol is being alleged to have illegally filmed his ex-girlfriend’s body as well as them having sex. The report states that the idol dated his ex-girlfriend from July 2022 to May 2023.

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Yongsan police revealed that the former idol would convince his girlfriend to wear blindfolds before secretly filming his. The idol is also alleged to have filmed another woman in her underwear. The idol is said to have met the woman at a bar.

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Yongsan police | YNA

According to the idol’s ex-girlfriend, the idol did eventually apologize, but she stated that she questioned his sincerity.

He wanted to use his celebrity status to go on variety shows or become a livestreamer. After I filed the charges, he did pretend to apologize, but he then asked that I drop the charges for his career, which made me furious.

— Idol’s ex-girlfriend

The idol’s ex-girlfriend is said to be suffering mentally from the ordeal and is undergoing psychiatric treatment for panic attacks.