“I see you as a friend and…”

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Gemma Galgani and her acquaintance with Antonio

Gemma Galgani, remained on the bench in the last episodes of Men and womenduring the episode of the Canale 5 dating show on 21 December, returns to the center of the studio to discussAnthony, meThe 50-year-old Sicilian knight came to the show exclusively for her. After a few outings, however, Gemma decided to immediately end the relationship and, in the center of the studio, during a confrontation with Antonio himself, Gemma reveals her reason.

Although she had appreciated Antonio from the first time she met him, knew him and hung out with him, Gemma understood that she did not feel in him the passion necessary to continue a relationship. Seeing Antonio just as a friend, Gemma decided to immediately end the relationship.

Gemma Galgani’s interest in another knight of the throne

Gemma Galgani admitted to having an interest in Vincent with whom she has already gone out to dinner. The lady of the throne over, however, at the center of the study, explains that she did not like the attitude of the knight who asked her not to tell the editorial staff about the dinner. The knight, however, not being present in the studio due to a witch’s stroke, cannot reply to Gemma’s words.

Therefore, Maria De Filippi and the editorial team, in order to immediately clarify the situation, decided to make a video connection in which a discussion arose between the knight and the lady, which ultimately led to the acquaintance between Vincenzo and Gemma end.