How did the special forces defeat the monster from Prague?

The Czech police, by all means, destroyed the crazy attacker David Kozak, who killed at least 15 people and injured dozens today at the Faculty of Arts in Prague! This cleared up doubts about whether he committed suicide or died during the intervention.

David Kozak, along with people inside the faculty building, fired with an AR-15 rifle and at passersby who were walking by.

A large police task force quickly arrived at the scene and returned fire just as the attacker opened fire from the edge of the building.

According to police chief Martin Vondrasek, the police are also working with the version that he also killed two people in Klanovice les, before starting to spread deaths at the university. The horrifying moments during the intervention against the murderer were recorded by the police on camera!

“I am convinced that, without the quick intervention of the Czech police, who arrived at the scene within minutes and the intervention units within 12 minutes, the number of victims could have been many times higher. .

Officer 1: Hiding, left side. From my point of view, it is. Shoot! He shoots through that fucking fence.

Secretary 2: VI’m going.

Officer 1:I got it, it’s here! Black clothes! It’s in the corner! At the flag! On the Czech flag in the upper corner of the faculty! He has a long gun. On the roof. Left. Faculty of Arts. Up on the boardwalk! Black clothes!

Walkie talkie voice:Fourth floor.

Officer 2:Do you still see him?

Officer 1:Yes. Not.

Voice on the radio: (unintelligible)…at the entrance to the Faculty of Philosophy. An ambulance is waiting there. He will be treated. They should be told that the shooter is on the roof.

Officer 1:No one goes in there. (unintelligible voice on the radio)

Officer 1:Wow, it’s going up! Going up!

Radio voice: Medical staff need to be prepared for treatment.

Police 1: She has a long one! It’s a long weapon!

Officer 2: Crossing the Ukrainian flag! I repeat: It passes under the Ukrainian flag!

Officer 1: Holy shit, I’d get him out of here.

Officer 2:He’s on the lights. In centre of attention! He is the center of attention.

Officer 1:He is the center of attention, he is hiding!

Police 1colleague: Bacha!

Officer 2: They want the sniper, they’ll take this from him. I only have a Glock 19 on me.

Officer 1: There is! Bah! Shoot! He will shoot! (shots are heard)

Officer 1: Gee, we can’t shoot.

Officer 2: Hiding under the Ukrainian flag!

Officer 1:On to the lights! On the lights! And shoots through that fence!

Officer 2:I’m gonna crash it or what…

Walkie talkie voice:Under the Ukrainian flag. Under the tower. Not under the Czech flag.

Secretary 2: He moved.

Officer 1:I confirm! Moved! And shoots through the fence! It has ballistics.

Officer 1: I recommend that the response unit fire from the bridge! There is a clear view!

Officer 2: Or someone with a “long” from the Rudolfinum (shots are heard)

Officer 1: I’m your mother! Fuck it! I’d hit him from here, f*ck! (more gunshots are heard)

Officer 2: Guys, eat it, do it! Eat him!

Officer 1: It’s really out there.

Officer 2:Damn it, let’s shoot!

Officer 1: Ask if you can shoot from here! At least some covering fire or something… We’ll take him!

Officer 1:He got up!

Officer 2: He got up! Standing! If you have a long one, take it! (several shots are fired and the shooting ends)

Watch the video of the neutralization processattacker. Police did not show footage of the execution; after gunshots were heard, the attacker fell, but this was not seen on the video.

Czech Republic, Prague, 15 dead and 20 injured. Inconceivable.

— RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) December 21, 2023

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