Harney Middle School Suicide: Girl found dead by suicide at Harney Middle School on Hollywood and Charleston


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Tragedy Strikes Harney Middle School: Girl Found Dead by Suicide. A somber atmosphere envelops Harney Middle School on Hollywood and Charleston as authorities investigate the tragic death of a female student. The heartbreaking incident, determined to be a suicide, has prompted a heavy police presence and left the community in shock. As the investigation unfolds, parents have been notified to pick up their children from Las Vegas High School. With details still emerging, the focus now turns to supporting the grieving community during this difficult time. See more at Lbtokg.net website.

Harney Middle School Suicide

Harney Middle School Suicide: Girl found dead by suicide at Harney Middle  School on Hollywood and Charleston – REPORT – Hausa New

Tragic Incident at Harney Middle School

A heartbreaking incident occurred at Harney Middle School, located on Hollywood and Charleston, that has left the community in shock. Regrettably, a young girl was found deceased due to an apparent suicide. This devastating news has deeply impacted the school and its surrounding area.

Police Presence and Investigation

Thorough Investigation Underway

In response to this tragic event, law enforcement authorities have swiftly arrived at Harney Middle School to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The police presence is significant as they diligently work to uncover the circumstances surrounding this heartbreaking incident. The investigation is ongoing, and further details will be provided as they become available.

Messages Sent to Parents/Guardians

Immediate Communication with Parents/Guardians

Recognizing the importance of keeping parents and guardians informed during this difficult time, the school administration promptly sent out messages to notify them of the incident. Parents and guardians were urged to pick up their children from Las Vegas High School, ensuring their safety and well-being. The school is committed to providing support and guidance to the students and their families during this challenging period.

Details about Harney Middle School

Location and Setting

Harney Middle School is situated in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Nestled on the intersection of Hollywood and Charleston, the school enjoys a prime location that offers easy accessibility to students and their families. The surrounding area provides a diverse and engaging environment that contributes to the overall educational experience.

Student Population and Grade Levels

Harney Middle School caters to a diverse student population, fostering a rich and inclusive learning community. With a student body of 1,609, the school serves students in grades 6 to 8. This crucial phase of education allows students to develop their academic skills, personal growth, and social interactions, preparing them for the transition to high school.

Academic Performance

Harney Middle School is committed to providing a high-quality education that empowers students to reach their full potential. The school’s dedication to academic excellence is evident in the impressive performance of its students. In math, 24% of students scored at or above the proficient level, while 37% achieved the same level of proficiency in reading. These results reflect the school’s commitment to nurturing a strong foundation in core subjects.

Demographics and Student-Teacher Ratio

Harney Middle School celebrates diversity, with a student body that represents various backgrounds and cultures. The school’s minority student enrollment stands at 89%, fostering an inclusive and multicultural learning environment. To ensure personalized attention and support, the student-teacher ratio at Harney Middle School is 27, allowing educators to provide individualized instruction and guidance to each student. This commitment to a low student-teacher ratio enhances the overall learning experience and promotes academic success.

Tragedy strikes Harney Middle School in Las Vegas as a female juvenile is found dead by suicide. The incident has prompted a heavy police presence at the school, with ongoing investigations. Parents were notified to pick up their children from Las Vegas High School. Our thoughts go out to the affected community during this difficult time.

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