Genshin Impact set for intriguing 4.4 update with new characters and enhancements

The worldwide acclaimed action RPG, Genshin Impact, is all set for its much-anticipated 4.4 update. As the beta testing phase unfolds, a myriad of game enhancements have been unveiled, providing keen players with a sneak peek into the intriguing new elements and characters they can anticipate. On platforms like Reddit, leaks and speculations about the impending 4.4 update are running rampant. Early indications of Genshin Impact’s 4.5 version update banner suggested the introduction of Chiori as a playable character. However, recent developments suggest that Chiori, along with renowned faces like Ayaka, Ayato, Yoimiya, Chevreuse, and Furina, will play significant roles in the Flagship Event, Roses, and Muskets.

The Genshin Impact community is abuzz with the unexpected inclusion of Chiori in the 4.4 version. Xianyun, the 5-star playable character in Genshin Impact, is amongst the most eagerly awaited additions. With the forthcoming Lantern Rite update, players will be able to explore Xianyun’s captivating abilities and weaponry, courtesy of her updated information. The update suggests that Xianyun could be armed with the catalyst “Echo of the Crane’s Call”. This weapon showcases an exquisite emerald green hue that seamlessly aligns with Xianyun’s aesthetics. The weapon’s ornate design, reminiscent of a traditional Chinese fan, and its patterns, featuring cranes and clouds, resonate with Xianyun’s Adeptus theme.

Often referred to as Cloud Retainer, Xianyun is an Adeptus hailing from Liyue and is a recurrent character in the game’s narrative. Since her first mention in the official drip marketing, players have been intrigued to learn more about this engaging character. A trusted member of the Genshin Impact community, GenshinUniverse, shared a brief video showcasing Cloud Retainer alongside her BiS Catalyst, the Echo of the Crane’s Call. The weapon’s design is akin to a traditional Chinese fan, exhibiting vibrant colours and delicate detailing that harmonise with the Adeptus theme. The inclusion of crane and cloud motifs pays homage to Cloud Retainer’s character, adding authenticity to the weapon’s design.

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