Frances Scriven Obituary, A Loving Farewell To Frances Marion Scriven

Survived by her adoring children Diane, David, Russell, and Jason, Frances was a loving and cherished grandmother and great-grandmother. Her devotion to her family was unparalleled, and her presence in their lives brought immeasurable joy and love.

Frances was the daughter of Millie (née Gemmell) and Raine Stead, born into a loving family that shaped her into the remarkable person she became. She shared a special bond with her siblings: Barbara and Bill Horton, Kerry and the late Buck Daniel, and Mavis and Peter Dolman. Her role as a beloved sister brought immense joy and closeness within their family circle.

Throughout her life, Frances was a beacon of love and kindness, leaving a lasting impact on all who had the privilege of knowing her. Her love extended far beyond her immediate family, embracing a wide circle of friends and acquaintances who were touched by her warmth and compassion.

As we bid farewell to Frances Marion Scriven, let us hold dear the memories she gifted us and find solace in the love and compassion she spread throughout her life. Her memory will continue to shine brightly in the hearts of all who were blessed to know her. May she rest in peace, surrounded by the eternal love she bestowed upon her family and friends.