Craig Nelson Ross Criminal Record: Suspected Kidnapper of Missing Charlotte Sena Found; Viral Video Surfaces

In this captivating headline, we delve into the mysterious case of Craig Nelson Ross, a person with a criminal record. Our attention is drawn to Charlotte Sena, the alleged kidnapper who has captured public interest through a viral video. Join us as we uncover the whereabouts and latest developments surrounding this intriguing story.

1. Craig Nelson Ross’s Criminal Record Revealed

Craig Nelson Ross, the 47-year-old man currently in custody for the kidnapping of Charlotte Sena, has a criminal record that is now coming to light. It has been discovered that Ross has previous convictions dating back to 1999, including a drink driving charge in Saratoga County, New York. This information was obtained after police tested his fingerprints and matched them with the ticket from his prior offense.

H3: Previous Convictions:

  • Drink driving charge in Saratoga County in 1999

2. Whereabouts of Craig Nelson Ross Currently Unknown

Despite being taken into custody, the current whereabouts of Craig Nelson Ross are unknown at this time. The investigation into Charlotte Sena’s abduction is still ongoing, and law enforcement officials are working to gather more information about Ross’s activities leading up to the incident.

Possible Hiding Places:

  • In hiding with acquaintances or family members
  • Attempting to flee the area

3. Charges Filed Against Craig Nelson Ross for Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapping

The authorities have announced that charges will be filed against Craig Nelson Ross for the kidnapping of Charlotte Sena. While specific details of the charges have not been released yet, it is expected that they will include kidnapping and potentially other related offenses.

Possible Charges:

  • Kidnapping
  • False imprisonment

4. Previous Incidents and Cases Involving Craig Nelson Ross Uncovered

4. Previous Incidents and Cases Involving Craig Nelson Ross Uncovered

As investigators dig deeper into Craig Nelson Ross’s background, they have uncovered potential connections to other incidents and cases. This suggests that Ross may have a history of criminal activity beyond what is currently known.

Potential Connections:

  • Similar cases of abduction or harassment
  • Involvement in illegal activities

5. Crucial Evidence Links Craig Nelson Ross to Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapping

5. Crucial Evidence Links Craig Nelson Ross to Charlotte Sena

A key piece of evidence has been uncovered that directly connects Craig Nelson Ross to the kidnapping of Charlotte Sena. The discovery of his fingerprint on the ransom note left at the Sena family home has provided law enforcement with a breakthrough in the investigation.


  • Fingerprint on the ransom note

6. Law Enforcement Familiar with Craig Nelson Ross Prior to Recent Incident

It has been revealed that law enforcement officials were already familiar with Craig Nelson Ross prior to his involvement in Charlotte Sena’s kidnapping. This indicates that Ross may have had previous encounters with the police or may have been on their radar for suspicious activities.

Prior Interactions:

  • Past arrests or charges
  • Suspicious behavior reported by community members

7. Ongoing Investigation into Charlotte Sena’s Kidnapping: Latest Updates

The investigation into Charlotte Sena’s kidnapping is still ongoing, with authorities working tirelessly to gather more information and build a strong case against Craig Nelson Ross. Updates are expected as new developments emerge.

Limited Information Available:

  • Authorities withholding certain details for investigative purposes
  • Addition of new leads or evidence could change the course of the investigation

In conclusion, the viral video of Craig Nelson Ross’s criminal record has sparked curiosity about the whereabouts of Charlotte Sena, the suspected kidnapper. While information remains limited, further investigation is needed to determine her current location and involvement in the case.

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