Controversial Video: Verydarkman Gbola Faces Backlash for Talking about DNA Test of Mohbad’s Son, Video Goes Viral

“Unveiling the Controversial DNA Test Video: Mohbad’s Son, the Viral Video of Verydarkman Gbola Knacking for Talking in Full. Dive into the shocking revelations and intense discussions surrounding this explosive video that has taken social media by storm.”

What is the leaked video of Verydarkman Gbola about?

The leaked video of Verydarkman Gbola has caused a major stir on social media platforms. The video revolves around Verydarkman raising concerns over Mohbad’s death and pointing fingers at Mohbad’s wife regarding the paternity of their son. In the video, Verydarkman expresses his thoughts and opinions, which have generated controversy and backlash.

Controversial Claims and Backlash

In the leaked video, Verydarkman makes controversial claims about the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death and implicates Mohbad’s wife in possible foul play. These claims have sparked a heated debate among social media users, with some supporting Verydarkman’s concerns while others criticize him for involving himself in personal matters.

Violation of Privacy

The leaked video has raised questions about privacy rights and ethical boundaries on social media platforms. Many argue that such personal matters should not be discussed publicly without concrete evidence or proper investigation. The controversy surrounding the leaked video has brought attention to the potential harm that can arise from publicizing sensitive information without regard for privacy.

Memes and Hate Comments

As a result of the leaked video, Verydarkman has become a subject of memes and hate comments online. The widespread circulation of the video has led to polarizing opinions among internet users, further fueling the controversy surrounding him. Some individuals have resorted to mocking or criticizing him through memes and negative comments.

Why did Verydarkman raise concerns over Mohbad’s death?

Why did Verydarkman raise concerns over Mohbad

Verydarkman raised concerns over Mohbad’s death due to his desire for justice and transparency. As an activist and advocate for public safety, he felt it was necessary to question the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing. By expressing his concerns, Verydarkman hoped to bring attention to the need for thorough investigations and accountability.

Advocating for Justice

Verydarkman’s activism on social media extends beyond entertainment. He uses his platform to shed light on various societal issues and advocate for justice. In the case of Mohbad’s death, he believed it was important to question any potential wrongdoing and ensure that the truth is uncovered.

Critical Thinking and Raising Awareness

By raising concerns over Mohbad’s death, Verydarkman aimed to encourage critical thinking and promote awareness among his followers. He wanted individuals to question official narratives and not blindly accept information presented to them. Through his activism, Verydarkman seeks to empower others to think critically about social issues and demand transparency from those in power.

Who leaked the video and why?

Who leaked the video and why?

The leaked video of Verydarkman Gbola was reportedly released by a gossip blog known as Gistlover. It is unclear why the blog decided to leak the video, but it likely sought to capitalize on its controversial nature for increased viewership and engagement.

Gistlover’s Motives

Gistlover is known for sharing celebrity gossip and scandalous content, often generating significant attention online. The decision to leak Verydarkman’s video may have been driven by a desire for viral content or an attempt to tarnish his reputation amidst his rising popularity on TikTok.

Exploiting Controversy

The leaked video provided Gistlover with an opportunity to amplify controversy and generate buzz within the online community. By sharing the video, they could attract viewers seeking drama and fuel further discussions surrounding Verydarkman.

Where can the leaked video be found?

The leaked video of Verydarkman Gbola can be found on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. It has been widely shared among users, leading to its accessibility on various online communities.


Many users have uploaded the leaked video on Twitter, where it has garnered significant attention and engagement. By searching relevant hashtags or keywords associated with Verydarkman or the controversy, one can find the video easily.


Reddit, a popular online forum, is another platform where the leaked video of Verydarkman can be found. Users have shared and discussed the video within specific subreddits dedicated to gossip or current events. Searching for relevant threads or discussions will likely lead to the video’s discovery.

How did Verydarkman gain popularity on TikTok?

Verydarkman gained popularity on TikTok through his unique content and dedication to advocating for public safety. His videos resonated with audiences due to their informative nature and ability to spark discussions around important issues.

Dedication to Public Safety

One of the main reasons behind Verydarkman’s popularity on TikTok was his commitment to raising awareness about public safety. He used his platform to educate people about potential dangers, scams, and unethical practices prevalent in different industries.

Innovative Content Creation

Rather than simply sharing information, Verydarkman took an innovative approach to content creation. He utilized engaging storytelling techniques, humor, and visual elements to deliver his messages effectively. This made his videos more entertaining and shareable among TikTok users.

Social Media Engagement

Verydarkman actively engaged with his audience by responding to comments and participating in trending challenges on TikTok. This helped him build a community of followers who looked forward to his content and felt connected to him on a personal level.

What controversies has Verydarkman been involved in before the leaked video?

What controversies has Verydarkman been involved in before the leaked video?

Prior to the leaked video, Verydarkman had already been involved in some controversies that stirred debates and discussions among social media users. These controversies showcased the range of topics he addressed and the potential impact his activism could have.

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One of the notable controversies involving Verydarkman revolved around his efforts to expose skincare brands operating without proper certifications. He publicly criticized certain skincare brands, such as Dorindas owned by Nkechi Blessing, for lacking valid NAFDAC registration numbers.

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Verydarkman faced criticism for using filters in his videos while collaborating with different brands for paid partnerships. Some argued that this practice compromised his authenticity and undermined his credibility as an advocate for public safety.

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As an outspoken activist, Verydarkman’s opinions often sparked heated debates among viewers and led to clashes with individuals who disagreed with his stance on various issues. These differences in opinions sometimes escalated into online arguments or virtual confrontations.

Can you provide more details about Verydarkman’s background and his activism on social media?

Veydarkman, also known as Black Man, hails from Edo state, Nigeria, where he was born and raised. Growing up in a culturally rich environment shaped his perspective and values, fueling his passion for advocating for public safety on social media platforms.

TikTok Activism

Verydarkman rose to prominence through TikTok by utilizing the platform’s unique features to spread awareness about societal issues. He focused on exposing scams, raising concerns about public safety, and educating his followers on different topics.

Exposing Unethical Practices

One of Verydarkman’s main focuses was to shed light on unethical practices prevalent in various industries. He used his platform to bring attention to issues such as counterfeit products, fraudulent schemes, and substandard services, aiming to protect consumers from exploitation.

Promoting Accountability

Verydarkman consistently advocated for accountability among individuals and organizations. His activism aimed to challenge the status quo and demand transparency from those in power. By holding entities accountable for their actions, he hoped to create a safer and more just society.

In the viral video, Verydarkman Gbola makes shocking claims about Mohbad’s son’s DNA test. While the authenticity of the video remains uncertain, it has sparked widespread discussion and speculation. It highlights the power of social media in disseminating information and its potential to influence public opinion. However, it is essential to approach such videos with caution and verify their credibility before drawing any conclusions.

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