Carl Webb Obituary, Member Of Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland Has Died

Carl Webb Obituary, Death – The community mourns the loss of Carl Webb, a revered rugby league legend and a valiant warrior in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND). His passing leaves a profound void, especially poignant during this time of the year, particularly for a young family coping with such a tragic loss.

Stacey Thorpe, the CEO of MND Queensland, expressed heartfelt sentiments, emphasizing the sorrow of losing anyone to MND, and the added weight of this loss during a time typically meant for joy and togetherness. Carl’s dedication as an MND Warrior was exemplary, utilizing his prominent platform to amplify awareness about Motor Neurone Disease and actively participating in initiatives to raise crucial funds for the cause.

Carl’s involvement extended beyond the mere promotion of awareness; he lent his support to MND events, including walkathons, and played a pivotal role in inaugurating the Voice Banking Clinic, a significant resource for individuals affected by MND. His commitment and advocacy not only highlighted the cause but also brought hope and practical assistance to those confronting the challenges of MND.

In this time of immense sadness, MND Queensland extends heartfelt condolences to Carl’s family, friends, and the broader community. The loss of such a remarkable individual reverberates deeply, yet his legacy as a fierce advocate for MND awareness and his contributions toward improving the lives of those impacted by the disease endure as a testament to his unwavering spirit.

Carl Webb’s legacy transcends his sporting achievements; it resides in the lives he touched, the awareness he raised, and the support he offered to individuals battling MND. His memory will continue to inspire ongoing efforts to combat this debilitating disease and bring solace to those affected by his untimely departure.

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