Campania, the “forgotten” fund for women victims of violence reappears in the budget: clash over who allowed the allocation

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Around the finance company from Campania from the tips to churches, festivalsdog shows and roundabouts, a serious oversight was about to occur and there is controversy over the merit of whoever averted it. The reference is to refinancing of the women’s fund victims of violence gender: 500 thousand euros allocated last year for 2023 and to be renewed now for next year, especially in light of the resurgence of cases.

In the approved scheme the December 7 by the council led by the president Vincenzo De Lucathe basic document on which the regional council then started – between Budget commission and chamber – the debate concluded in the last few hours, the law that had established that fund was not included in the list of those refinanced. They were indicated in an attachment ad hoc, written in characters that required a magnifying glass. “But the balance is there, it’s just a question clerical error of text that we will correct with a amendment in the commission, an amendment that will only concern the modification of the text”, assured the president of the Budget commission, the Deluchian Francesco Picaroneto

In fact it was the word, the law is reappeared among those refinanced. Except that, reading a note from M5s (who is opposed to De Luca in the Campania Region), the credit would not go to Picarone, but to them. “We are satisfied that we have managed, thanks to our amendment approved by the commission, to have refinanced the law with an amount of 500 thousand euros for the three-year period 2024-2026 – reports a press release from their press office – and with 150 thousand euros for the three-year period 2024-2026 the fund to promote the growth and autonomy of orphans of feminicide. In a historical moment like this, guaranteeing financial continuity on this issue was absolutely necessary.”