«Cache tripled in Mediaset». Here’s who moves on to the competition

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Pomeriggio Cinque wants to beat La Vita in Diretta and to do that Myrta Merlino “bribes” Alberto Matano’s guests with lots of euros…

Pomeriggio Cinque’s ratings have not increased yet. After some internal reorganization, Myrta Merlino is now testing the waters with her guests, commentators.

Fees tripled

And in an attempt to steal points from Alberto Matano’s La Vita in Diretta, host Biscione is keenly watching the regular guests of Rai, the rival show. “The latest buyer of Myrta – writes Oggi weekly – is radio presenter and TV face Anna Pettinelli, a frequent guest of Matano”.

“The conquest – emphasized weekly – was determined by the fee: compared to the 300 euros that Anna received in Rai, Mediaset raised that amount with a compensation of one thousand euros per guest. More than three times more.”

The imperative question is: will a few commenters be enough to make it more enjoyable for viewers at home? As always, the answer will be given via the public’s remote control at home…

Last updated: Thursday, December 21, 2023, 2:09 p.m.