Bomb in showbiz! Florin Ristei and Naomi Hedman broke up? The first statements of the artist

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Bomb in the showbiz world! Florin Ristei and his beautiful fiancee Naomi Hedman broke up? That’s the question on everyone’s lips after the beautiful mulatto deleted all the pictures with her boyfriend from social networks. This detail made us all wonder, so we talked to the beloved female singer to clarify the situation.

Florin Ristei and Naomi Hedman broke up?

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Florin Ristei and Naomi Hedman broke up?

Bomb in the showbiz world! Florin Ristei and Naomi Hedman broke up?

Over the past 3 years, Florin Ristei (36 years old) and Naomi (30 years old) have been one of the most loved couples on social networks. Beautiful, talented and loved by many fans, the two had a “perfect” relationship, as Florin Ristei confessed to us not long ago. The artist then revealed to us that they had a dynamic relationship and that they had a great time together, and indeed, they showed it with each of their appearances. Ristei was nibbling on the eyes of his beloved girlfriend, they were joking and nothing suggested that there was something wrong in their couple.

At one point, it was rumored that they had a bit of a fight after the female singer posted a message alluding to this on social media. However, Ristei immediately clarified everything and said clearly and frankly that there was no such problem.

The artist told us everything

However, rumors of a new breakup have been increasing recently, at least since the beautiful female artist deleted all posts with her boyfriend on social networks. So, to clarify this, the reporters of Click! They actually reached out to Florin Ristei to let us know how things are really going between them.

When asked if they really broke up, Florin Ristei answered us with his typical good sense and with a smile on his face that… it is not in his nature to discuss a topic so!

This may be a mystery. We don’t know, you have no way of knowing and I won’t tell you! Perhaps he deleted them for another purpose. Who knows? I don’t talk about these things.”, Florin Ristei declared exclusively for Click!.

So it was as if he had put us more in the fog. Since he didn’t want to reveal more about his girlfriend’s gesture, we can only assume that they broke up or that Naomi is preparing a surprise for fans! Time will reveal all.

Florin Ristei and Naomi Hedman met on the set of the X Factor show, and their love story began right after the British beauty left the competition. The love between them developed quickly and Florin proposed to her very quickly. Asrtist confessed to us a year ago that they didn’t want the wedding to be rushed. And for a child, it is not necessary, because they want to deal with their career and projects first of all. Up until now, the two have been inseparable and have never missed an opportunity to appear together, but now we can only wait and see what their future holds.