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Birsu Demir Life

Birsu Demir was born in Istanbul on May 14, 1999. She had her first acting experience in 2004 when she participated in the TV series called Büyük Buluşma, which was broadcast on Saman Yolu TV. In 2005, she played in the series called Fifth Dimension, and in 2006 she appeared at the Bir Demet Theater. He joined last season. He participated in the TV series Genco, which began airing on screens Kanal D in 2007. In 2008, he starred in the movie O…Children, starring Demet Akbağ, Altan Erkekli, İpek Tuzcuoğlu and Sarp Apak. He acted in movies. He participated in the movie called Kanal-i-zasyon in 2009 and produced the movie called Alemin Kıralı and Türkan, one of the best movies in Turkish cinema in 2011. He played a role in the movie famous television series called Şefkattepe, which was broadcast on STV screens in 2013. She played the character Peri in the comedy series Otel Divane, starring Volkan Severcan, Emre Altuğ and Nefise Karatay, starting First aired on Show TV, the film is preparing to leave its mark in 2014.

Most recent TV series with roles:

Divane Hotel series Tien character