“Beatrice Luzzi? I wouldn’t even go for a coffee” / “Between Perla and Greta…”

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Giulia Cavaglià and opinion about Beatrice Valli

Giulia Cavaglia, guest of the last episode of Casa Chi together with boyfriend Federico Chimirri, also spoke about Big Brother 2023. The former protagonist of Men and Women whose name has often been linked to the reality show, within the social format of Chi hosted by Sophie Codegoni, admitted that he watches it and also has the clear ideas about the various competitors. Giulia, in fact, expressed her opinion on Greta Rossetti and Perla Vatiero revealing her preference, but she also spoke about Beatrice Luzzi, the undisputed protagonist of the reality show.

When we watch Big Brother, we argue (she talks about her relationship with boyfriend Federico Chimirri, ed.), because I’m team Perla and he’s team Greta, I’m team Varrese and he is team Beatrice. But I don’t mind her personality, I would never get along with her, having her around the house would be an absolute pain, but she is a woman with a strong personality strong. I wouldn’t even go there for coffee.”

Giulia Cavaglià and the rumors about Temptation Island

Giulia Cavaglià and Federico Chimirri They have been living a beautiful love story for some time now. The two have also faced and overcome crises, but faced with the proposal of a possible participation in Temptation Island, would you agree to do it with your boyfriend?

“In terms of the Temptations, we are fine… we are not going through any crises and we have no intention of creating problems for ourselves, also because we are very good at creating them. Join GF together? Well, why not, let’s go on vacation for a few weeks there. I’ve come to understand that if one person has an exposed couple, it’s assumed that both people did it in any case, because if one person walks in, the other person is still involved. But it would be fun for me, I’ll do it. Now I want it, because inside there is a very close friend of mine, Rosy, and therefore I already have a piece of my heart.” he said.