Arzú and Von Ahn exchange messages after visa withdrawal

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The Guatemalan businessman Luis von Ahn and the deputy to the Congress of the Republic, Álvaro Arzú, exchanged a series of messages through social networks related to the recent US sanctionswho chose visa withdrawal to 300 compatriots, including 100 parliamentarians, for being accused of committing actions to undermine democracy and the rule of law.

The lawmaker shared his U.S. territory.

“Well so what? They took away my visa, so what? What’s the worst that can happen? And they took it away from me not because I’m corrupt, not because I’m a drug dealer, no not because I laundered money, not because I had a contract with the State, no. They took it away from me because I voted with my conscience,” he was heard saying.

This is because he mentioned the fact that he endorsed the withdrawal of the immunity of four official judges of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), accused by the Public Ministry of having committed crimes when there was transmitted by the Primary Election Results Transmission (TREP) system. .

Arzú added that he has received a series of positive messages, encouragement and support in recent days because, faced with what happened, he said, he stood up.

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Von Ahn’s statement

Based on what Arzú expressed, the founder of the Duolingo application decided to issue a statement to his deputies, so, using the same social network, he wrote:

“If you need something from America, tell me. No nails.”

If you need something from America, please tell me. No nails.

— Luis von Ahn (@LuisvonAhn) December 20, 2023

Arzu’s response

The MP from the Union Party bench decided to respond to the Guatemalan businessman as follows:

“Since you mentioned it, I really need something. Bring back all those friends who ran away and didn’t dare face justice. Their families miss them! Thank you for inviting me to be present on these days. Merry Christmas!”

Amid this expressive exchange, users made a series of comments on the publications, both supporting Von Ahn and Arzú.