Adrian Mutu’s mother died

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Extremely difficult moments for Adrian Mutu. His mother, Rodica Mutu, passed away on Thursday morning, and the sad news was conveyed on social networks by “Brilliant”’s sister, Laura. Rodica Mutu is 71 years old and seriously ill. She was Adrian Mutu’s main supporter during his football career.


Adrian Mutu’s mother has cancer

“Smooth road to the angels, MOTHER! Thank you for everything you’ve given me! I will carry your love with me until the end of my days. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, MOTHER!”, Laura wrote on social media.

At the age of 71, Rodica, Adrian Mutu’s mother, passed away. He had been fighting the terrible disease for a long time and the treatment had no results.

The news came like a bolt of lightning, more so because less than a month ago, Rodica Mutu was celebrating her birthday.

Adi Mutu, who lives in Baku and is a Neftchi coach, has not reacted as of the time of publishing this article and has not made any posts on his social accounts.

Rodica Mutu, Briliant’s biggest supporter

Adrian Mutu has always had his mother as his best supporter. In fact, she was the one who predicted that he would become a great soccer player, Fanatik writes.

“He went to play football at the age of 6 years and 7 months, went to the audition, then came home and scolded me. <>, he told me angrily. He doesn’t make more mistakes than people his age, he sees his football.

He loves the stadium in Trivale so much, you can find him there all the time. My husband, being a mathematician, must have wanted to draw him into the book, into mathematics. He told him not to cheat, choose football or books. I said let him do whatever he wants.”the (following) story some time ago by Rodica Mutu, quoted by Libertatea.

I have known Rodica for a long time and I can tell you that she is the first violinist in the family, because the son Spiridon is more quiet. She has a childish nature and spends all day playing soccer on the field with the children in her charge.

He stands at the gate, from where he commands battles on the battlefield with authority. Player Mutu’s talent stems from his mother’s passion. She was the one who lent Adi that tough and fighting nature.

Rodica was also the one who supported him in following this path from the beginning, although in most cases, the boys were supported by their fathers to play football and their mothers were opposed.revealed doctor Mihai Nurciu, for the cited source.