A severe phobia torments mom Lena Borislavova, at every step she looks around for…

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The former speaker of the Kirill Petkov cabinet and a major factor in the PP – Lena Borislavova, has developed a phobia of paparazzi.

Every time little Deya is taken around the capital, Lena Borislavova keeps looking around to see if someone is following her and taking pictures, writes “Weekend”, referring to an eyewitness to her behavior in front of the Council of Ministers.

Lena and Miro had recently taken the baby for a walk around her old vilayet, but she was constantly tense, nervous, and looking around while Ivanov took a few biting remarks from her.

Lena walked ahead of Miro and the baby, who he obediently pushed in the stroller. Because of the kid’s turning, Borislavova scolded her faithful one. The reason for this was mostly her fear that it would be filmed by passers-by.

Although she posted a number of photos of the baby on the social network, Lena kept her face hidden.

The strange thing is that, according to the Harvard graduate, it is appropriate for the baby to be walked in a metropolitan mall during the flu season. And again, while Ivanov pushed the cart, Borislavova looked around in case one of the shoppers recognized her from under the nondescript coat and scarf with which she tried to remain incognito.

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